Silver ENnie award winner for Best Rules; nominee for Best Game and Product of the Year. 13th Age combines the best parts of traditional d20-rolling fantasy gaming with new story-focused rules, designed so you can run the kind of game you most want to play with your group. Created by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, 13th Age gives you all the tools you need to make unique characters who are immediately embedded in the setting in important ways; quickly prepare adventures based on the PCs’ backgrounds and goals; create your own monsters; fight exciting battles; and focus on what’s always been cool and fun about fantasy adventure gaming: Icon relationships and One Unique Things offer exciting storytelling possibilities Backgrounds provide a simple, flexible skill system drawn from characters’ personal histories Escalation dice enable fun, fast-moving d20 combat. Owlbears will rip PC’s limbs off to feed their young. Get your copy of 13th Age today at the Pelgrane Shop or your local game store. “13th Age RPG delivers an incredible fantasy storytelling experience.” – io9 “13th Age is, perhaps, the first d20 game that I’ve ever played that treats the game inside of combat and the game outside of combat with equal love, attention, and innovation.” – Dorkadia Learn more about 13th […]


Rakshasas Reavers cover_350

A collection of new monsters that Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet enjoy inflicting on their players—and now you can unleash them at your table. These magical masterminds, icon-trained kobolds, and cloaked skeletal phantoms have surprising abilities that challenge adventurers to think hard about their tactics.

Rakshasas & Reavers is the first installment of the second 13th Age Monthly subscription. It will be available to buy in the webstore in January. When you subscribe to 13th Age Monthly, you will get all issues of the subscription to date.


Stock #: PEL13AM15D Author: Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet
Artist: Lee Moyer, Aaron McConnell Type: 11-page PDF

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A collection of 4000+ word PDF supplements with new rules systems, Bestiary-style monsters, player character options, and more – gathered together for the first time, so you don’t have to wait to get get them all.

The collected 13th Age Monthly – Volume 1 includes the following PDFs:

  • Dragon Riding, by Rob Heinsoo & ASH LAW. The lethal combination of dragon and rider helped create the Dragon Empire. Now unleash the fury on your foes! Full rules for player character dragon riders appear alongside story advice for campaigns looking to add dragon-riding options. Plus, we’ve made it easy to hack the system so you can devise other styles of riding. (Anyone up for tarrasque racing?)
  • Temples of the Frogfolk, by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan. The perfect gift for the player in your group who has been waiting to portray a jumpy murderous amphibian. Evil frogspawn lurk just below the threat threshold. Then the chants echo through the mist, the temples surface, and suddenly you’re dead. This installment includes five froggish monsters with four racial abilities to choose from, thirteen reasons to be paranoid, toadstone treasures, five icon-related frogfolk temples, and race stats and special abilities for playing a frogfolk adventurer.
  • Candles, Clay & Dancing Shoes, by ASH LAW. Your PC has gold to burn? Spend it on something that could make everyone’s lives more interesting—especially the GM! Here are six new useful, bizarre, and effective one-use magic items, festooned with multiple adventure hooks and campaign variants. Is that dwarf wearing a featherlight skirt beneath his kilt? If you fire an exorcist missile at a dybbuk at twilight, which one of you screams first? What happens to your spell list if you drink too much gnomish tinto wine (secret ingredient: grave dust)? Answers to these and 75 other magic-item related questions, yours for one low monthly price!
  • Children of the Icons, by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan. “I’m the child of an icon.” This One Unique Thing taps into one of fantasy’s most powerful archetypes — and generates a huge amount of player investment in the campaign. Here, players will find inspiration and advice on how this deep connection can play out at the table. For GMs, Gareth presents four possible “children of the icons” campaigns along with two tough monsters that show how iconic parentage can be used to create interesting NPCs.
  • BONUS: Make Your Own Luck, the 2014 Free RPG Day starting adventure is available for subscribers.
  • Eidolons, by ASH LAW. These bizarre, other-dimensional creatures present themselves as aspects of mortal concepts — meanwhile twisting reality into shapes that have nothing to do with mortal concepts. This comprehensive 13th Age Bestiary-style monster writeup is a gift to GMs who don’t mind shaking the tree until walruses and new philosophies fall out.DragonRider_final_cover_300
  • Summoning Spells, by Rob Heinsoo. 13 True Ways introduced druids and necromancers as the first summoning spellcasters. Now this installment of the Monthly adds summoning spells to the wizard’s spellbook and the cleric’s prayer-roster! Includes rules for various summoning styles, stats for summoned creatures, and variants for campaigns with different flavors.
  • Sharpe Initiatives: Earthgouger, by Cal Moore. A thrillride of an adventure for 3rd or 4th level heroes, designed to be played in one or two sessions. If you play Robin D. Laws’ The Strangling Sea at first level you can use Sharpe Initiatives as a callback to events earlier in the PCs’ careers; but this adventure is designed to bulldoze itself into any campaign in which dwarves aspire to re-engineer the broken underworld.
  • BONUS: At Land’s Edge / The Harker Instrusion, the Free RPG Day release which features both 13th Age and Night’s Black Agents content will be available for subscribers.
  • 7 Icon Campaign, by Jonathan Tweet & Rob Heinsoo. Start with a thought experiment: What would happen if we compressed the 13 icons into 7? Build on GM notes and player questionnaires from Jonathan’s 7-icon home campaign. Polish to a dangerous sheen with six new feats, spells, and talents inspired by the stories of the ‘new’ icons and usable in any 13th Age game.
  • Kroma Dragonics, by Cal Moore & Rob Heinsoo. Start with anthropology fieldwork among the redscale barbarians of the Red Wastes. No, cancel that: the redscale dragonics ate the researchers. Restart with a dig into the myths and aspirations of dragonics influenced by chromatic dragons and the Three. The dig is dicey, but we expect to find monster stats, hierarchy options, adventure hooks, and player character options including feats, talents, and maneuvers.
  • Echo & Gauntlet, by Michael E. Shea & Rob Heinsoo. Start with a nasty magical strike force that works for the Crusader. Continue in a supernatural landscape that speeds their magic. Finish with campaign hooks, the implications of a ruined world that exists alongside the world, and a possible origin story for the Crusader.
  • The Waking Stones, by Lynne Hardy. A megalith is just a set of standing stones—unless they’re actually members of an ancient stone race, reawakening in the 13th age! This full 13th Age Bestiary-style writeup has heroic, ambiguous, and villainous options that should fit into most any campaign.
  • Home Bases, by Steven Warzeha & Rob Heinsoo. Simple new mechanics for player characters who want a castle, tavern, sacred grove to call home and build stories around. Includes rules for the obligations that can make or break your base, examples to suit many different campaigns, and new magic items  for characters who want to put down roots.

You can see the current subscription, Volume 2, here.

Stock #: PEL13AM01D Author: Various
Artist: Various Type: PDF dpwnloads



Bring your battles to life!

“If we’re going to fight to the death, let’s at least do it someplace pretty.” – Jara the Jaded, High Elf Rogue

The High Magic & Low Cunning Map Folio brings you 45 maps from High Magic & Low Cunning – Battle Scenes for Five Icons, in glorious full color by expert cartographers! The Map Folio includes:

  • Player-facing maps for exciting battles in a mad wizard’s lair, an underground fighting arena, an active volcano, and more
  • GM-only versions of each map with the encounter title, High Magic and Low Cunning page references, monster positions, and hidden terrain features
  • A full index so you can easily cross-reference the maps with scenes in High Magic & Low Cunning

Why run a straightforward, stand-up battle when you can make the PCs dodge bursts of lava, swing on vines across a deep gorge, or fight the animated contents of a wizard’s laboratory gone berserk? Get the High Magic & Low Cunning Map Folio—your players will thank you for it, once their characters have stopped burning, falling, or being pummeled by a living hat rack.

Stock #: PEL13A11M Map wrangler: Simon Rogers
Cartographers: Pär Lindström , Gill Pearce, Ralf Schemmann Type: 90-page map collection

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cover thumbnail

Less prep, more play!

Pre-order now and get the full PDF February 15th.

High Magic & Low Cunning: Battle Scenes for Five Icons brings you 45 challenging and memorable sets of battles, against enemies connected to the Orc Lord, Prince of Shadows, Archmage, High Druid, and The Three. Drop these fights into your game at every tier of play from adventurer to epic, and bring them to life with gorgeous maps by our expert cartographers.

With High Magic & Low Cunning, you can:

  • Give the PCs compelling reasons to fight based on their icon relationships, their stories, and your campaign
  • Pit them against NPCs and monsters whose icon connections make them meaningful opponents—not just random foes
  • Use traps and terrain to provide a challenging environment with opportunities for clever tactics
  • Unleash all-new monsters on the PCs, along with new magic items to wield in battle.
  • Easily adjust battles to make them easier, or harder
  • Use the provided storylines to link each battle to the ones that come after, taking the PCs from one full heal-up to the next using only the battles in the set – with room to expand on these stories to fill multiple sessions of gameplay.

From a white-knuckle white-water ride past orcish hordes, to abseiling kobolds and a perilous magical cloud fortress, High Magic & Low Cunning takes your players on an unforgettable journey to adventure.

You can also get the complete set of High Magic & Low Cunning printed color maps in the High Magic & Low Cunning Map Folio.

The enemy awaits. Are your heroes ready?


Stock #: PEL13A11 Author: Cal Moore
Artwork: Patricia Smith, Rich Longmore Developer: Rob Heinsoo
Cartographers: Pär Lindström , Gill Pearce, Ralf Schemmann Type: 192 page perfect bound book

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ROB_tileThe Icon Riffs series offers inspiration for adventure design and improvisation at the table. The ideas presented aren’t numbered, because numbered lists imply a certain consistency between results. These lists are evocative rather than consistent.

They’re also not thorough. This isn’t an attempt to list all the things that could be associated with the icons. There are huge numbers of worthwhile connections already scattered through our books and through players’ and GM’s websites. Instead of cataloging existing ideas, these notes are a brainstorm touching on ideas we haven’t already presented in detail. Some ideas may feed into future products.

(This month’s riffs created in collaboration with Wade Rockett.)

The Prince of Shadows

13A-Prince-Of-Shadows-tile-colorThe PCs start to notice the Prince’s symbol everywhere: in pipe smoke, bootlace knots, temple carvings, rock formations, sheet music, and more; magical tattoos of the Prince’s symbol that last a week and can only be seen by others with the same tattoo; covert missions to rescue slaves and relocate them with new identities, turning them into fiercely loyal assets to the Prince; a crime ring of anti-theist wizards that hires adventurers to steal from gods and demons; clerics of other gods who secretly worship the Prince as a god of lies and trickery.

Sleeper agents who are loyal to other icons—until they receive the signal and remember their true allegiance; ultra-rare dragons who can change their colors, spying or running long cons in Axis and Drakkenhall; whispers of a treaty between the Emperor and the Prince that grants safe haven to all within the palace grounds, leading to certain nervous retainers never setting foot outside the palace.

13A-Dwarf-King-tile-colorThe Dwarf King

A game using rune-carved stone tokens that predates the 1st Age, and which legend says was created by the first Dwarf King as a powerful magic ritual; an annual ceremony where the Dwarf King and every dwarf in the Empire strike the ground with their hammers at exactly the same time—maybe in remembrance, maybe to ensure something happens, or maybe to prevent something from happening; a top-secret program to create and control living dungeons as weapons of war against the drow.

Dwarf-forged cultists who await the coming of the Dwarf-Forged King, an icon  made of metal, fire and magic; negotiations between the Dwarf King and the Crusader over mining rights to a type of metal that’s found only in hellholes; a secret envoy from the Black to the Dwarf King, offering her assassins to help bring down the Prince of Shadows—for a price; rumors that every spring the Dwarf King sends a caravan laden with wondrous items and beautiful, exotic creatures to the Elf Queen.

13th Age combines the best parts of traditional d20-rolling fantasy gaming with new story-focused rules, designed so you can run the kind of game you most want to play with your group. Created by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, 13th Age gives you all the tools you need to make unique characters who are immediately embedded in the setting in important ways; quickly prepare adventures based on the PCs’ backgrounds and goals; create your own monsters; fight exciting battles; and focus on what’s always been cool and fun about fantasy adventure gaming. Purchase 13th Age in print and PDF at the Pelgrane Shop.

13th Age Alliance black bkgrnd

Game Masters Needed for Gen Con

It’s time to submit events for Gen Con Indy 2016, and once again we plan to run tons of organized play sessions! If you want to join our crew as a volunteer GM, email with your name, contact info, and days/hours you’re available at the show. Hope to see you there!

Download Into The Underworld 2: Lost In The Dark

The third adventure in Season 2 is available for 13th Age Alliance GMs! Into The Underworld is a 2nd level 13th Age adventure in four two-hour sessions, continuing the PCs’ adventure in the realms below the Dragon Empire. They’ll explore the City of Silver Webs, and sail the Demon-Queen’s ship across a sunless sea to a pale shore that might be the land of the dead….

Into The Underworld 2 includes a random encounter table for the underworld with a haunted skull, cave orcs, Dredge-tribe kobolds, and azer pirates.

Not a 13th Age Alliance GM yet? Sign up here.

If you’re a 13th Age Monthly subscriber, you can download Into The Underworld from your order page. (RPGNow/DriveThruRPG/OneBookshelf subscriptions to 13th Age Monthly will include the new organized play adventures.)

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Like what you’ve seen so far? Well, if you want the rest of Season Two, just subscribe to 13th Age Monthly and you’ll get ALL of Season Two as a free add-on. Plus you’ll get new 13th Age stuff every month, such as the Crusader’s dreaded elite strike force, a race of waking stones, rules for player characters’ home bases, and much more.

Into The Underworld 2 Monster Preview: Cave Croaker

Looking like rock-skinned toads, these ambush predators use their long sticky tongues to snatch travelers of paths through caverns and pull them up to their ceiling roosts.

Whichever adventurer is walking in the front must make a wisdom-based skill check:

Noticing the piles of bones before the cave croakers strike: DC 20. If the lead adventurer fails the skill check two cave croakers get a free attack against the party before initiative is rolled

Cave Croaker

3rd level spoiler [BEAST]

Initiative: +10

Kick +8 vs. AC—8 damage

Natural even hit or miss: the cave croaker pops free and bounces away.

C: Sticky tongue +8 vs. AC (one nearby or far away enemy)—10 damage OR the target loses their headgear

Target took damage and the natural roll was above their Strength: The target is pulled into engagement with the cave-croaker. If the cave croaker is on the ceiling then the target and cave croaker fall after moving, the target taking 2d6 damage.

Echolo-croak-ation: Cave croakers can see in the dark by croaking, though doing so gives away their position too.

Wall-crawler: A cave croaker can climb on ceilings and walls as easily as it moves on the ground.

Nastier Specials

Stickier tongue: If the cave croaker’s natural roll was above the target’s Constitution then the target takes an extra 1d6 damage as a patch of their face or scalp is ripped clean off!

Rocky skin: The cave croaker takes only half damage from attacks that are natural 1-5s.

AC 19

PD 17    HP 45

MD 13

Home Bases cover_350Simple new mechanics for player characters who want a castle, tavern, sacred grove to call home and build stories around. Includes rules for the obligations that can make or break your base, examples to suit many different campaigns, and new magic items  for characters who want to put down roots.

Home Bases is the twelfth installment of the 13th Age Monthly subscription, and is available to download for subscribers now. It will be available to buy in the webstore in January. When you subscribe to 13th Age Monthly, you will get all issues of the subscription to date.

Stock #: PEL13AM13D Author: Steven Warzeha, Rob Heinsoo
Artist: Rich Longmore Type: 8-page PDF

ROB_tileWhen many people give you the same feedback about your game for years, it’s got to have some truth in it. Today’s probable truth: “The combination of the wizard’s Evocation talent and the force salvo spell is broken.”

Some GMs even report that the combo skews their thinking as they set up battles, since they know the wizard is capable of using the combo and dealing an ungodly amount of damage. That’s unfortunate, since there isn’t a problem with the rest of the wizard’s spells or Evocation as it applies to those other spells.

Rob’s Solution to Salvos

Here’s how I handle force salvo when it’s combined with Evocation in my game. I’m not calling this errata. Yet. It’s advice. If you personally haven’t had a problem with the spell and the combo, you don’t have to think about it. But if you want to adjust the spell’s power level in your game, two changes should suffice. 

1. Replace force salvo’s adventurer-tier feat.

The first thing you can do to make an Evoked force salvo less terrifying is to remove the spell’s original adventurer-tier feat, and replace it with this one:

Adventurer Feat: When you miss all targets with the spell, it gains recharge 11+ after battle.

Force salvo becomes a much more balanced spell when it can only target each enemy once. It can still take out or severely damage a number of middling enemies, but it can’t be used to demolish a single powerful foe. If your attack roll against a specific enemy misses, you’re out of luck.

The champion-tier feat provides some consolation by letting you deal damage equal to your level, but each attack roll now matters; so you’re a lot more likely to save force salvo until the escalation die has risen, which makes the spell’s use much more interesting.

2. Strictly limit force salvo’s use to once every four battles.

Yes, it’s already a daily spell—but the rules give GMs some room to interpret what “daily” means, and this daily spell is a bit more powerful than others. I run a lot of double-strength and even triple-strength battles in my game, but that doesn’t mean I want to see this spell used every two or three battles.

For this one spell, turn the rule that “daily” averages out to once every four battles into a strict limitation: Once a wizard casts force salvo, make them wait another three battles before they can cast it again—even if the PCs get a long rest, or otherwise restore their daily powers. (Don’t let the wizard recharge force salvo using any of the various “recharge a daily spell” options scattered through the game.) Make the wizard choose a different spell until the last battle is completed, then let them switch to force salvo if they wish once the new “day” begins.

13th Age wizardBreak This Rule For Dramatic Awesomeness

Limiting force salvo in this way gives GMs an obvious icon relationship advantage to grant wizard PCs. In a situation where the PCs face certain doom, a 5 or 6 roll result could grant the wizard the ability to cast force salvo using the original adventurer tier feat—the way the mighty wizards of earlier ages cast the spell! Or perhaps the icon’s benefit enables the wizard to recover the spell just before the campaign’s climactic battle. If the icon roll result is a 5, there’s a price to be paid for such power…

Using icon relationships to give a wizard PC access to the unfettered version of force salvo as a once-or-twice-in-a-campaign event can turn the combo of force salvo and Evocation into a dramatic story moment, instead of a nettling reminder that game mechanics don’t always play out the way they should!

Thomson Shore, our printers, sent me some images of the 13th Age GM’s Screen and Resource Book in progress.

Here is the black (K)  proof of the CMYK Screen.


Rick Goss checking the accuracy of the the colours to make sure the Screen appear as the artists intended.


The Resource book on the drying rack.


The Waking Stones_cover_350A megalith is just a set of standing stones—unless they’re actually members of an ancient stone race, reawakening in the 13th age! This full 13th Age Bestiary-style writeup has heroic, ambiguous, and villainous options that should fit into most any campaign.

The Waking Stones is the eleventh installment of the 13th Age Monthly subscription, and is available to download for subscribers now. It will be available to buy in the webstore in December. When you subscribe to 13th Age Monthly, you will get all issues of the subscription to date.


Stock #: PEL13AM12D Author: Lynne Hardy
Artist: Rich Longmore Type: 8-page PDF
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