Hideous Creatures: Deep Ones

DeepOnescoverIn this series, Kenneth Hite looks at the creatures, species, and monsters of the Cthulhu Mythos from every non-Euclidean angle. Alternate versions and new explanations provide the same jolt of mythic bisociation that the gods and titans receive in the TRAIL OF CTHULHU corebook. Hite traces these foul things through their legendary history, and provides further clues for any Investigator to follow. Horrific scenario seeds burst and bloom, story spines protrude and deform, in a blasphemous garden any Keeper can harvest.

HIDEOUS CREATURES: DEEP ONES dives deep into the myth of the batrachian denizens of Innsmouth. Are they human hybrids, or alien implants? Telepaths or psychopaths? Mermaids or monstrosities? From the legends of the Japanese kappa to the “kulullu” carved on the walls of Babylon, the spoor of the Deep Ones lingers everywhere.

Deep Ones is the the first installment of the Ken Writes About Stuff subscription, or it’s available as a stand-alone from the store.

Stock #: PELH02D Author: Kenneth Hite
Artist: Rich Longmore Pages: 10pg PDF


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    Artist: Rich Longmore

  3. […] est de Jean-Michel Abrassart sur base d’une idée originale de Kenneth Hite. L’aide de jeu Hideous Creatures: Deep Ones (aussi de Kenneth Hite) a été une source d’inspiration importante pour ce scénario. Le […]

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