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KWAS logo_300_whiteEach month in Ken Writes About Stuff, Kenneth Hite turns his considerable writing talents and encyclopedic knowledge of game design, history, the occult and all things Mythos to bear on new topic. From hideous creatures to GUMSHOE innovations, from Moon Dust Men to martial arts, Ken illuminates the dark corners of the genre with 4000-word mini-supplements.

You can pick and choose individual articles at $2.95. A subscription costs $24.95 and, as well as giving you a generous 30% discount on the individual article price, we offer an exclusive extra all subscribers at the end of each year..

The subscription runs from April to March,  and any when you order, you’ll get all the issues of the current KWAS to date. The latest edition will be added to your order receipt page when it is released, so all you need to do is click on the link in your order email. (If you can’t find your receipt email, you can get another one sent to you by entering your email address here).

Read what Paul Baldowski over at GeekNative says:

“I consider this series a wake-up call to the lacklustre, to remind them tales of the Mythos, using whatever system, should instil uneasiness, upset and fear. Grasp the potential of the unearthly and inhuman, and make sure next time the investigator’s meet a Shoggoth they have have a truly memorable encounter.”

Installments KWAS 2

KWAS 2 will be out in April, and existing subscribers will be able to renew at a discount. Watch your inbox!

  • April 2014: Hideous Creatures: Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath. “Worlds of sardonic actuality impinging on vortices of febrile dream – Iä! Shub-Niggurath! The Goat with a Thousand Young!” Are they nameless horrors or numbered servitors, Druidic nightmares or ab-natural abominations? Where do they grow, and on what loathsome food do they thrive? Follow them to Hell and Hydra, or to Mormo and Monsanto.

Installments KWAS 1

  • Bonus Stuff: Hideous Creatures: The Un-Numbered Ones. For subscribers only, this free issue of Ken Writes About Stuff opens the books on Lovecraftian monsters that have never taken stat-block form before in any game!
  • March 2014: Lilith. “Satan here held his Babylonish court, and in the blood of stainless childhood the leprous limbs of phosphorescent Lilith were laved.” Lilith as Queen of the Vampires, Lady of the Night — or as First Rebel and First Heroine? We look at the many faces of Lilith, as a Trail of Cthulhu titan (Elder Goddess or Great Old One), Night’s Black Agents vampire queen, Mutant City Blues super-Typhoid Mary, and at her role in the center of the First Esoterror Operation.
  • February 2014: Hideous Creatures: Star Vampires. “The human blood on which it had fed revealed the hitherto invisible outlines of the feaster.” Invisible outlines that shall be expanded upon, extended even, into all sorts of dimensions. Are they summoned demons or feral predators? Are they kindred or competitors to Colin Wilson’s Space Vampires? Herein we trace the Shambler From the Stars, with bonus Night’s Black Agents statistics and a scenario seed.
  • January 2014: GUMSHOE Zoom: Mind Control. This is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful GUMSHOE Zoom I’ve ever known in my life. Presenting detailed rules for brainwashing, memetics, telecontrol, and brain hacking, and for gear from the Microwave Auditory Effect gun to subliminal flashers to tinfoil hats, it brings the fight inside your head.
  • December: Hideous Creatures: Shoggoth. “Infinitely plastic and ductile — slaves of suggestion, builders of cities — more and more sullen … intelligent … amphibious … and imitative!” If something can take any shape, what is its true nature? Are the shoggoths slave machines or biotech Singularity? Are they one or many? Tekeli-li!
  • November: Looking Glass: Mumbai. We look at India’s mightiest metropolis, from its legendary crime syndicates to its glamorous movie colony — and we look beneath it, for vampires and conspiracies and Mythos maneuverings. A “Low and Slow” city setting for many possible GUMSHOE games.
  • October: Hideous Creatures: Ghouls. “These figures were seldom completely human, but often approached humanity in varying degree.” Charnel predators, or changeling denizens of Dream? Follow their tunnels from the sands of Arabia to the catacombs of Paris — or just stay in Boston for some fine New England cuisine!
  • September: Moon Dust Men. President Eisenhower established Project Moon Dust in 1953 to locate, contain, and coordinate everything known about the alien presence on Earth. The public-relations and open-source arm of Moon Dust was called Project Blue Book. Blue Book ended its work in 1970. It is 1978. Your work never ends. This GUMSHOE campaign frame can be a sci-fi, conspiracy, or horror game – it’s up to you to find the truth.
  •  August: Hideous Creatures: Mi-Go. “As to what the things were — explanations naturally varied.” The fungi from Yuggoth, the half-crustacean haunters of the hillside, the malevolent alien miners … are also opponents of the Yellow Sign and tireless questers for science. And that’s just one story! Are they servants of Nyarlathotep or fellow sentients trapped in a hellish cosmos? Listen for their whispers in tales of kobolds and kallikanzarai, look for their traces in Himalayan snows and heartland crop circles.
  •  July: Die Glocke. According to the legend, in 1944 the SS built a mysterious device deep in a Silesian mine shaft. Its bell-like shape gave it the nickname “die Glocke,” or “the Bell,” but the purpose of “Project Lantern-Bearer” remains a mystery to this day. Was it a time machine? A zero-point energy generator? A gateway to another world? This PDF cuts through the legend to the truth — and then piles on a bunch more legend. Plus, a look at “die Glocke” as a NIGHT’S BLACK AGENTS node, a TRAIL OF CTHULHU seed, or a ESOTERRORIST black site.
  • June: Hideous Creatures: Hounds of Tindalos are lean and athirst! Frank Belknap Long’s greatest creations emerge from the angles of time, slavering and frumious. Are they hell-hounds, haunts, or cold equations? Track the Tindlosi spoor through prehistory and posthumanity, from the Wild Hunt to Cerberus and the howl of Garm.
  • May: Ken’s take on martial arts in GUMSHOE Zoom: Martial Arts, intended to model the sorts of stories (usually movies) in which martial arts combat takes center stage in at least one scene.

Let us know in the comments what other installments you’d like to see

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23 Responses to “Ken Writes About Stuff Subscription”

  1. Jeff Kahrs says:

    Must have. Losing Stability waiting to buy…

  2. Zed Lopez says:

    Will this be PDF-only, or include epub and mobi options?

  3. Tyler says:

    I’m onboard. Ken’s columnar compositions are an instabuy for me.

  4. Jurie Horneman says:

    If there’s a link to the place where I give you money in this article, I’m not seeing it :)

  5. Jeff Kahrs says:

    You have to go to shop. Took me a bit to figure out also.

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  7. Robin says:

    would love to see some real world locations having their mythos / mystery potential explored and exploded. As a born and bred Londoner, I love the take on London in Bookhounds… I’ve always wanted to set something on the Scilly Isles since I visited for work and found the place facinating, but Stonehenge also spring to mind, as do Whitby and Chernobyl; though I’m sure Ken could conjure many gems of his own…

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  9. Stuntlau Perez says:

    Elder Things next please.
    And maybe Mysterious Tomes for Bookhounds written a la Armitage Files.

  10. Sean says:

    I, for one, could use some Prisoner-style mind-control stuff. Got a setting, need the rules. Please?

  11. Alam says:

    I very much miss the Earth city articles you used to write for Dragon. It’d be great to see you write up modern locations for gaming, like San Francisco or Providence.

  12. Paul says:

    I’ll add another vote for writeups on locations. We can do the research ourselves, but given that Ken’s so good at it, why would we want to?

    Also, Hideous Creatures: Ghouls.

  13. Pieclone says:

    In addition to locations, how about some historical eras? I understand Ken started writing some Elizabethan stuff some time ago (GURPS Gloriana and This Sceptr’d Isle), mentioned on the Lovecraftian Obsession podcast a few years back. I’d love to see some of the work he poured into that in either a KWAS or a future full-sized expansion.

    p.s. Full size Elizabethan period supplement for both NBA and Trail of Cthulhu please. I would happily pay silly money for this book written by Mr Hite.

  14. Adam C. says:

    The price isn’t bad, but I hate pdfs, so pass. Put it on the web, as HTML, and I might think about it.

  15. Lisa Padol says:

    By the time I list Christopher Marlowe, Dr. Dee, Queen Elizabeth, and Walsingham, I realize that what I really want is a full blown Elizabethan Intrigue sourcebook or game.

  16. Sean says:

    Second that. GUMSHOE Gloriana or bust!

  17. Craig says:

    Elder Things would be a great pair with the Shoggoths. Especially for folks planning on running the Beyond the Mountains of Madness conversion.

  18. Cambias says:

    I’ve always wanted to see Ken’s take on the New Orleans Axeman.

  19. Scott says:

    Under the “Creatures” heading, I’d love to see something on lloigor.
    And thanks, Cambias, for calling my attention to the Axeman! Interesting story!

  20. Pamar says:

    I hope not to pass for … disingenous here. Or inappropriate.

    Would it be at all possible to see something for WARP System?

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