13th Age Organized Play Program

Cover_500pxGreetings 13th Age players and GMs! Exciting news!

The 13th Age organized play program is live. If you’re interested in being involved, please click here and fill out the form.

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  1. [...] If you’re interested in signing up, perhaps as a GM, then there’s a note of interest form here for you to fill [...]

  2. Ben Quantrell says:

    Love your game! Have already been making my own monsters and adventures with the easy to use encounter building and DIY monster rules. I love that you recognize right in the rulebook that GMs are going to do this and tell us how you made your monsters so we can use the same guidelines.

  3. I always have a hard time with surveys such as these. I’m most likely just going to run games at home, but since I’m the only GM of my group if I get to play it would be in a game store. I always feel self-conscious running something in public at a game store but wouldn’t rule out the possibility that I might do it someday. I certainly like the idea of becoming an ambassador of 13th Age in some manner, however, and look forward to telling more folks about the fun we’re having with the game.

  4. Ben Barnett says:

    Finally, organized play for a game I’m actually interested in running! Bring it on.

  5. David Snow says:

    Give us clever adventure hooks with the general structure, monster lists, and some suggestions to size and composition of encounter areas – think more like a screenplay than an old TSR module – so we can improvise quickly within a framework of general guidelines.

    Like, don’t bother writing up huge amounts of fluff, or making amazingly produced maps, make it more like a themed set of monsters and types of situations – say, a small skirmish or twosof rising action/ stakes leading up to the big set piece confrontation, followed with a few possible consequences. Make these modular enough and we can flavor the heck out of them with our own OUTs and icon relationships.

    As an experienced GM, I can improvise all the glue, I just need the specific chunks of game data around each encounter that says ‘ok these things in this one situation makes for a good challenge for a level 3 party’. A few of those and I’ll be able to calibrate my planning for this game, and I can use my experience for the rest.

  6. Chris Bell says:

    Your google forms signup doesn’t seem to work. I tested it on two broswers (IE 10 and Chrome). The form doesn’t complete upon hitting the submit button.

  7. Blakey says:

    Please use PDF format for any modules you produce…


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