Hideous Creatures: Hounds of Tindalos

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In this series, Kenneth Hite looks at the creatures, species, and monsters of the Cthulhu Mythos from every non-Euclidean angle. Alternate versions and new explanations provide the same jolt of mythic bisociation that the gods and titans receive in the TRAIL OF CTHULHU corebook. Hite traces these foul things through their legendary history, and provides further clues for any Investigator to follow. Horrific scenario seeds burst and bloom, story spines protrude and deform, in a blasphemous garden any Keeper can harvest.

HIDEOUS CREATURES: HOUNDS OF TINDALOS are lean and athirst! Frank Belknap Long’s greatest creations emerge from the angles of time, slavering and frumious. Are they hell-hounds, haunts, or cold equations? Track the Tindlosi spoor through prehistory and posthumanity, from the Wild Hunt to Cerberus and the howl of Garm.

Hounds of Tindalos is the third installment of the Ken Writes About Stuff subscription (if you’re a KWAS subscriber, it’s now on your existing order page) or it’s available as a stand-alone from the store.

Stock #: PELH04D Author: Kenneth Hite
Cover: Kyle Strahm Artwork: Stefano Azzalin
Claude Bernier-Tremblay
Pages: 10pg PDF


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  2. SamwiseCr says:

    Has the subscription link to this gone out yet? I don’t think I’ve gotten it.


  3. Christopher Smith Adair says:

    SamwiseCr, you can download it by going to your order details. You should definitely be able to do that via your original email confirmation, for one.

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