Dracula Unredacted

Dracula_Unredacted_Cover_400For over a century, we have known only part of the story of Dracula — the part Bram Stoker was allowed to tell. Now, the whole tale can be revealed. In 1893, the secret services of three nations played a dangerous game to contact and control the perfect asset — the ultimate weapon — Count Dracula.

This new edition of Dracula adds new letters and recordings, diary entries long thought lost, and documents suppressed by Her Majesty’s Government … until now. From the first tentative contact between British intelligence and the un-dead, to the werewolf of Walpurgisnacht, to the cataclysmic disappearance of Dracula in volcanic fire, read the story you’ve known for years … for the first time.

Dracula Unredacted does for the Dracula Dossier what Henry Armitage’s letters did for Armitage Files or The Book of the Smoke for Bookhounds of London.


Status: In Development

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  1. Pieclone says:

    Cannot wait for this. Will there be any special/limited edition plans for this and if so how can one get in on the action?

  2. Jake says:

    What’s the expected release date for this?

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