13 True Ways

13 True Ways Cover May 11 201313 True Ways is the upcoming expansion book for the 13th Age fantasy roleplaying game, by the game’s core creative team of Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet, Lee Moyer and Aaron McConnell.

Along with contributor Robin D. Laws (GUMSHOE), Rob, Jonathan Lee and Aaron are hard at work on the book now. 13 True Ways will be available for pre-order once we’re confident that we’re reasonably close to printing and shipping.

13 True Ways collects the team’s best ideas for 13th Age that aren’t in the core rulebook. The result will be a glorious grab-bag of usefulness and inspiration! Follow the 13 True Ways tag in the Pelgrane Press blog to learn more and see previews of this great book. It will include:

  • 6 new character classes: monk (currently in playtest), druid, chaos shaman, necromancer, battle captain and occultist
  • New monsters, including a 13th Age take on devils by Robin D. Laws
  • More options for the Dragon Empire setting
  • Incredible full-color art and maps fromLee Moyer and Aaron McConnell

Want more? Check out the video from the 13 True Ways Kickstarter and hear what Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet had to say about it:

9 Responses to “13 True Ways”

  1. Julian says:

    The Kickstarter video for 13 True Ways shows a ridiculously oversized d6 on the table (clearly visible at 00:45 and again at 01:06). Naturally, we can assume this is used for the escalation die. Where can one purchase such an amazing die, please?

    • Bruce Gray says:

      I don’t know about game stores near you, but my local store (Dragon’s Hoard in Staunton, VA) has several of these huge dice – the only thing putting me off of one is the $15 price tag.

  2. Marcelino says:

    Wondering how we can be part of play testing. I backed the kick starter and love the system. I talk to my friends about it night and day but sould love to help.

  3. Tiffany says:

    I wonder if there is going to be any fan made materials published in this book or perhaps on future supplemental books? In such a free form play stay, it would be interesting to have a collaborative collected of interesting story/setting experiences, fan made class, feats and even individual character back stories players have come up with. I’m a GM and I encourage my players to fly with any idea they come up with and I’m working on blogging all our adventures.

  4. James Geluso says:

    I am really looking forward to this book. Druids are key to my vision of the FRPG and how I build a world, so I really really want this.

  5. Roger Alix-Gaudreau says:

    I’m wondering if there’s any update on this book or its expected publication date. Just getting into 13th Age and I’m really psyched about it, so I’m looking forward to this expansion book.

  6. Occultus says:

    Sweet Necromancers, my paladin has been looking for a hobby :D

  7. Alan says:

    Also wondering if there is an ETA on this book. Can’t wait to read it.

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