Organized Play: Tales of the 13th Age

13th Age: The Lich KingTales of the 13th Age is the free ongoing organized play program for the 13th Age roleplaying game. You can play it anywhere you like: at home, your local game store, the neighborhood tavern…wherever. 

Sign up here to join and get all of the current adventures, and all upcoming adventures:

  • Crown of the Lich King
  • Wyrd of the Wild Wood
  • Quest in the Cathedral
  • Shadow Port Shuffle
  • Folding of Screamhaunt Castle
  • …and more to be announced!

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Each game of 13th Age is different, because the One Unique Things and backgrounds of the characters in separate groups will be different. These rules give players the ability to help to define the world: there is no standard, universal Dragon Empire.

Tales of the 13th Age lets players enjoy 13th Age games with a continuity of story that still leaves room for the freedom and flexibility that sets 13th Age apart.

You can run our organized play program anywhere you like: at a game store, a school, your local library, or even your own home.

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7 Responses to “Organized Play: Tales of the 13th Age”

  1. GhostWolf69 says:

    Good stuff! I was waiting for something like this… *spins the ring* and The Three has heard my prayers… Is that a good thing or a bad? :-)

  2. Fred Daniel says:

    I am interested! Running or playing. Indianapolis

    Prince of the Garters

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  4. […] by a 3rd edition dev and a 4th edition dev. After reading through the core book and getting an adventure pack, I am smitten. 13th Age seems to be taking the narrative style of FATE for everything non-combat […]

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