Hideous Creatures: Mi-Go


In this series, Kenneth Hite looks at the creatures, species, and monsters of the Cthulhu Mythos from every non-Euclidean angle. Alternate versions and new explanations provide the same jolt of mythic bisociation that the gods and titans receive in the TRAIL OF CTHULHU corebook. Hite traces these foul things through their legendary history, and provides further clues for any Investigator to follow. Horrific scenario seeds burst and bloom, story spines protrude and deform, in a blasphemous garden any Keeper can harvest.

“As to what the things were — explanations naturally varied.” So are described the Mi-Go, the fungi from Yuggoth, the half-crustacean haunters of the hillside, the malevolent alien miners … are also opponents of the Yellow Sign and tireless questers for science. And that’s just one story! Are they servants of Nyarlathotep or fellow sentients trapped in a hellish cosmos? Listen for their whispers in tales of kobolds and kallikanzarai, look for their traces in Himalayan snows and heartland crop circles.

HIDEOUS CREATURES: MI-GO is the fifth installment of the Ken Writes About Stuff subscription (if you’re a KWAS subscriber, it’s now on your existing order page) or it’s available as a stand-alone from the store.


Stock #: PELH06D Author: Kenneth Hite
Artists: Ian Schofield, Stefano Azzalin Pages: 11pg PDF


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