Hideous Creatures: Ghouls

HC Ghouls cover_400“These figures were seldom completely human, but often approached humanity in varying degree.” Charnel predators, or changeling denizens of Dream? Follow their tunnels from the sands of Arabia to the catacombs of Paris — or just stay in Boston for some fine New England cuisine!

Hideous Creatures: Ghouls is the seventh installment of the Ken Writes About Stuff subscription, or it’s available as a stand-alone from the store. If you have subscribed to KWAS, Hideous Creatures: Ghouls is now on your order receipt page, so all you have to do is click on the new link in your order email. (If you can’t find your receipt email, you can get another one sent to you by entering your email address here).


Stock #: PELH08D Author: Kenneth Hite
Artist: Stefano Azzalin Pages: 12pg PDF


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