Free Esoterrorists Downloads

Includes character sheets, utilities, adventures and a two-page preview. The character sheet and sample are provided by Pelgrane Press, the rest are provided by enthusiasts.

Ordo Veritatis Recruitment Handbook

The Ordo Veritatis Recruitment Handbook: Character backgrounds and careers for The Esoterrorists.

Character Sheet

Download the Esoterrorists character sheet as a PDF file.
A new fillable PDF Esoterrorists character sheet by Kurt Rauscher.
Download the Esoterrorists character sheet as a CC3 fcw file.
Download an updated Esoterrorists character sheet as a PDF file which includes the new investigative ability from The Book of Unremitting Horror, Pathology.


Download Irrawaddy Landing, an mp3 for the Esoterrorists by James Semple (and read about his inspiration here).


Get a taste of being an Ordo Veritatis operative on a mission.

Sample Characters

Sample characters from the playtest courtesy of Phill Winters and group.

An example of character creation by Jason Blair (Little Fears)

Character Ability Matrix

This Excel spreadsheet helps you enusure that the PCs have a suitable selection of abilities. You can also use to ensure adventures make use of the abilities that players have chosen. It was created by Ralf Wagner and Ralf Schemmann.

GM Character Reference Sheet

This PDF document created by Ron Blessing. It has all the important Esoterrorists tables easily to hand.

Operation Slaughterhouse Extra

Adventure flow chart in PDF and CC3 FCW format by Ralf Schemmann.


Operation Antler

A quick, single-session “ticking clock” adventure set in the UK by Richard Lynne. Slaughtered deer have been found on a farm in Cumbria. Is it evidence of an Esoterror ritual? If so, what is their goal?  Download Operation Antler (PDF)

Preference for Oblivion

An adventure in Protodimension Magazine #3 by Joe Klemann. Five days ago, Misha Jedeski disappeared from her home in Batavia, Illinois, near the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Could this somehow be connected to Fermilab’s new experimental, miniaturized Hadron Collider? Download Protodimension #3 (PDF)

Geist In The Shell

Responding to reports of gunshots in the penthouse apartment of suspected Esoterrorist insider Karl Geist. the police have discovered an explosive device on the apartment door. Pose as the Bomb Disposal Unit, gain access to the apartment, and investigate possible Esoterror activity. This adventure by Marcus D. Bone is designed as an introduction to a larger campaign, acting as a framework upon which GMs can build their scenarios. Download Geist In The Shell (PDF)

Adventure Design Document

Our internal design document with rules and advice for creating Esoterrorist adventures — useful for both designers and GMs. Download PDF

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  1. Gary Moore says:

    Hi, heres a link to an investigation from the awfully peeps at Unbound publishing, which is a nice kicker for starting a ET games. And its a free pdf to boot

  2. Zefir says:


    IS there any chance for the 2nd edition character sheet in PDF file?
    I like the design much more, it’s much clearer and convenient – however, having to use scanned version is a bit of pain.

  3. Lloyd says:

    With the new edition, we are desperately in need of new material. The ability matrix needs updating, and a new character sheet should be supplied for easy printing. Make it happen guys!

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