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13AgeLogoFull-TransparentMany of these aren’t official, and some older reviews, blogs and threads contain factual errors about the game; but we think you’ll find them useful and interesting. A link to a third-party site doesn’t mean that we agree with or endorse all of the opinions on that site.

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13th Age core book

13th Age FAQ

13th Age Organized Play

13th Age Licensing

Vault of the 13th Age – a fansite that collects community-created content for 13th Age RPG

Iconic – the 13th Age fan podcast

ICON – the 13th Age fanzine


Policies and guidelines

Third-Party Game Aids and Supplements

Power decks

Character sheets



Actual Play Podcasts & Videos

Actual Play Blog Posts
13th Age Blogs
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  1. Rae Artemi says:

    Hey, you guys may want to change the link for LP13th Age to the episode list on the tumblr (! The page you linked too often has the unedited podcasts up during the editing process, and someone could be turned off of a really great display of your game if they were to click one of those first!

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