Endzeitgeist reviewed the 13th Age Bestiary, and even gave it the Seal of Approval! Thanks Endzeitgeist! You can read the full review here. Endzeitgeist says,
Screenshot 2015-08-13 at 3.59.12 PM
“From modifications of escalation or relationship dice to truly unique options, some of the abilities herein are, no hyperbole, GENIUS. Take the redcap. Tried and true delightfully evil fey – we all know and love the iron-shodded menaces. Well, herein, they have taboo-words – even if you *think* them, they get power from it and may teleport et al., gaining potentially a nasty array of additional actions. Now how is this represented? When a PLAYER says the taboo word, the ability kicks in. Yes. This is pretty much brilliant and can provide quite a mind-blowing experience when handled with care. This is just ONE example out of a bunch of them. This book’s abilities OOZE creativity and will enrich ANY d20-based game I run for years to come.”

“Rob Heinsoo, Ryven Cedrylle, Kenneth Hite, Kevin Kulp, Ash Law, Cal Moore, Steve Townshend, Rob Watkins, Rob Wieland – congratulations. You have actually managed to craft the first “Bestiary I” since the days of second edition I liked to *read*, the first that inspired me. This book manages what neither monster manuals of 3rd or 4th edition or PFRPG’s bestiary-line has succeeded in doing – actually inspire me to use creatures, to craft adventures around them, to use them to make the world feel more alive. While a rare few 3pp bestiaries over the years manage this sense of wonder, it usually stems from clever mechanics or uncommon concepts, only rarely from actual narrative potential. Ultimately, this book, in spite of its “1st bestiary”-handicap, did all of that and more and makes me giddy with anticipation and hopeful we’ll see more far-out creatures in the level of detail as provided herein.”

Black DragonOver on the very active Google+ 13th Age community, Sean Dunstan has pulled together a complete list of monsters from the core 13th Age rulebook, the 13th Age Bestiary and 13 True Ways. John Clayton has kindly reproduced that here in table format; you can also download it as a zipped Excel spreadsheet on the 13th Age Resources page.


Level Monster Size Role Type Book Page #
0 giant ant normal troop beast Core 206
0 kobold grand wizard normal mook humanoid Bestiary 123
0 squib swarm normal mook beast Bestiary 179
0 stirge normal troop beast Bestiary 197
0 stirgelings normal mook beast Bestiary 197
1 archer stirge normal archer beast Bestiary 197
1 cobbler stirge normal blocker beast Bestiary 197
1 decrepit skeleton normal mook undead Core 246
1 dire rat normal mook beast Core 206
1 ettercap acolyte normal mook humanoid Bestiary 73
1 fungaloid creeper normal troop plant Bestiary 83
1 giant scorpion normal wrecker beast Core 206
1 goblin grunt normal troop humanoid Core 229
1 goblin scum normal mook humanoid Core 229
1 gravemeat normal mook undead Bestiary 97
1 human thug normal troop humanoid Core 235
1 kobold archer normal mook humanoid Core 237
1 kobold warrior normal troop humanoid Core 237
1 orc warrior normal troop humanoid Core 242
1 skeletal hound normal blocker undead Core 246
1 skeleton archer normal archer undead Core 246
1 swarm of bats normal spoiler beast Bestiary 13
1 watch skull normal troop undead Bestiary 109
1 white dragon hatchling normal troop dragon Bestiary 219
1 wibble normal mook construct Bestiary 223
1 wolf normal troop beast Core 207
1 zombie shuffler normal mook undead Core 251
2 aerial spore normal mook plant Bestiary 83
2 ankheg large troop beast Core 208
2 avenging orb normal caster humanoid Bestiary 204
2 bat cavalry large wrecker beast/humanoid Bestiary 14
2 bear normal troop beast Core 207
2 boombug normal troop beast Bestiary 113
2 bugbear scout double-strength troop humanoid Bestiary 24
2 claw flower normal spoiler plant Bestiary 161
2 destroying sword normal wrecker humanoid Bestiary 204
2 dire bat normal troop beast Bestiary 14
2 enduring shield normal blocker humanoid Bestiary 204
2 ettercap hunter normal blocker humanoid Bestiary 73
2 feral warbanner double-strength caster construct Bestiary 207
2 giant web spider large blocker beast Core 207
2 goblin shaman normal caster humanoid Core 229
2 hellwasp normal spoiler beast Bestiary 113
2 hobgoblin warrior normal troop humanoid Core 230
2 hook scuttler normal blocker beast Bestiary 113
2 human rabble normal mook humanoid Bestiary 208
2 human zombie normal troop undead Core 251
2 hunting spider normal wrecker beast Core 206
2 kobold hero normal leader humanoid Core 237
2 kobold skyclaw normal mook humanoid Bestiary 124
2 lizardman savage normal wrecker humanoid Core 237
2 medium brass dragon normal troop dragon 13 True Ways 184
2 medium white dragon normal troop dragon Core 218
2 newly-risen ghoul normal mook undead Core 225
2 orc archer normal archer humanoid Bestiary 156
2 orc berserker normal troop humanoid Core 242
2 orc shaman normal leader humanoid Core 242
2 pit-spawn orc double-strength mook humanoid Bestiary 156
2 razor shark normal mook beast Bestiary 187
2 sahuagin raider normal troop humanoid Bestiary 187
2 skeleton warrior normal troop undead Core 246
2 skin devil normal troop devil 13 True Ways 168
2 splotchcap normal archer humanoid Bestiary 175
2 sporrior normal wrecker plant Bestiary 84
2 swarming maw normal wrecker beast Bestiary 113
2 trog normal spoiler humanoid Core 247
2 wererat normal troop beast 13 True Ways 205
2 zombie beast large troop undead 13 True Ways 207
3 barbellite normal troop beast Bestiary 179
3 blue sorcerer normal caster humanoid Bestiary 21
3 braincap double-strength wrecker plant Bestiary 84
3 bugbear normal troop humanoid Core 230
3 bugbear schemer normal leader humanoid Bestiary 25
3 catacomb dragon large wrecker dragon Bestiary 17
3 cave orc normal mook humanoid Bestiary 156
3 cenotaph dragon normal troop dragon Bestiary 219
3 Crusader warbanner double-strength caster construct Bestiary 208
3 dawn zorigami normal spoiler construct Bestiary 225
3 death-plague orc large spoiler humanoid Bestiary 158
3 dire wolf large troop beast Core 207
3 dretch normal mook demon Core 210
3 drow spider-mage normal caster humanoid Bestiary 58
3 ettercap supplicant normal caster humanoid Bestiary 73
3 ettercap warrior normal blocker humanoid Bestiary 74
3 fire bat normal mook beast 13 True Ways 162
3 fungaloid drudge normal troop plant Bestiary 84
3 ghoul normal spoiler humanoid Core 225
3 gnoll ranger normal archer humanoid Core 229
3 gnoll savage normal troop humanoid Core 228
3 goblin bat mage normal spoiler beast/humanoid Bestiary 14
3 hell hound normal wrecker beast Core 234
3 hungry star normal wrecker aberration Core 235
3 imp normal spoiler demon Core 210
3 intellect devourer normal spoiler aberration Bestiary 116
3 kobold dog rider normal troop humanoid Bestiary 124
3 kobold engineer normal leader humanoid Bestiary 124
3 large brass dragon large troop dragon 13 True Ways 184
3 lemure normal mook devil 13 True Ways 169
3 magma brute normal wrecker construct 13 True Ways 163
3 medium black dragon normal wrecker dragon Core 218
3 medium bronze dragon normal wrecker dragon 13 True Ways 184
3 ochre jelly large wrecker ooze Core 241
3 ogre large troop giant Core 240
3 ogre penitent large blocker giant Bestiary 149
3 orc battle screamer normal leader humanoid Bestiary 157
3 Orc Lord warbanner double-strength caster construct Bestiary 209
3 orc tusker normal troop humanoid Bestiary 157
3 otyugh large blocker aberration Core 243
3 pixie pod double-strength leader plant Bestiary 161
3 pixie warrior normal spoiler humanoid 13 True Ways 198
3 poddling normal mook plant Bestiary 161
3 redcap normal wrecker humanoid Bestiary 175
3 rust monster normal spoiler aberration Bestiary 184
3 slime skull normal spoiler undead Bestiary 109
3 small air elemental normal wrecker elemental 13 True Ways 189
3 small earth elemental normal troop elemental 13 True Ways 189
3 small fire elemental normal troop elemental 13 True Ways 189
3 small water elemental normal blocker elemental 13 True Ways 189
3 spinneret doxy normal spoiler humanoid Bestiary 120
3 trog chanter normal leader humanoid Core 247
3 weaver swarm normal mook beast Bestiary 61
3 werewolf normal troop beast 13 True Ways 205
4 awakened trees normal mook plant 13 True Ways 202
4 azer soldier normal troop dwarf 13 True Ways 162
4 barbarous bugbear normal wrecker humanoid Bestiary 25
4 basilisk large wrecker beast Bestiary 10
4 Blackamber skeletal legionnaire normal troop undead Core 246
4 cambion dirk normal mook demon Bestiary 31
4 centaur lancer normal troop humanoid Bestiary 35
4 chaos beast normal troop aberration Bestiary 39
4 chaos behemoth huge spoiler aberration Bestiary 40
4 chaos brute large wrecker aberration Bestiary 39
4 chaos glorp normal mook aberration Bestiary 39
4 chuulish slave normal troop aberration Bestiary 51
4 demonic ogre large spoiler giant Bestiary 149
4 derro maniac normal troop humanoid Core 216
4 derro sage normal caster humanoid Core 216
4 despoiler normal caster demon Core 210
4 dire bear large troop beast Core 207
4 drow soldier normal mook humanoid Bestiary 58
4 elder spore normal mook plant Bestiary 85
4 ettercap keeper normal leader humanoid Bestiary 74
4 flesh golem large blocker construct Core 231
4 fungaloid empress huge wrecker plant Bestiary 85
4 fungaloid monarch double-strength leader plant Bestiary 84
4 gelatinous tetrahedron huge blocker ooze Bestiary 88
4 ghoul fleshwripper normal wrecker undead Bestiary 97
4 ghoul licklash normal blocker undead Bestiary 97
4 ghoul pusbuster normal spoiler undead Bestiary 97
4 gnoll war leader normal leader humanoid Core 229
4 half-orc legionnaire normal troop humanoid Core 233
4 harpy normal spoiler humanoid Core 234
4 hell imp normal spoiler devil 13 True Ways 170
4 hobgoblin captain normal leader humanoid Core 230
4 honey devil (slime devil) normal troop devil 13 True Ways 171
4 huge brass dragon huge troop dragon 13 True Ways 185
4 jest bones normal spoiler undead Bestiary 109
4 kobold bravescale normal blocker humanoid Bestiary 125
4 kobold dungeon-shaman double-strength caster humanoid Bestiary 125
4 kobold shadow-warrior normal mook humanoid Bestiary 125
4 large white dragon large troop dragon Core 218
4 lethal lothario normal leader humanoid Bestiary 121
4 lich baroness normal spoiler undead Bestiary 135
4 Lich King warbanner double-strength caster construct Bestiary 210
4 medium copper dragon normal spoiler dragon 13 True Ways 185
4 medium green dragon normal spoiler dragon Core 219
4 minotaur large troop humanoid Core 239
4 ogre berserker large wrecker giant Bestiary 149
4 ogre crusader large troop giant Bestiary 150
4 owl bear large wrecker beast Core 243
4 ravenous cannibal normal mook humanoid Bestiary 212
4 screaming skull normal troop undead Bestiary 110
4 troll large troop giant Core 248
4 wereboar double-strength troop beast 13 True Ways 205
4 wight normal spoiler undead Core 249
4 woven normal mook humanoid Bestiary 121
4 zombie of the silver rose normal mook undead 13 True Ways 207
5 air elemental normal wrecker elemental 13 True Ways 190
5 binding bride normal spoiler humanoid Bestiary 121
5 bulette large wrecker beast Core 208
5 cambion sickle normal troop demon Bestiary 31
5 centaur raider normal wrecker humanoid Bestiary 35
5 common treant normal spoiler plant 13 True Ways 202
5 demon-touched human ranger normal archer humanoid Core 235
5 dire boar large troop beast 13 True Ways 160
5 drow sword maiden normal troop humanoid Bestiary 58
5 earth elemental normal blocker elemental 13 True Ways 190
5 ettin large troop giant Core 224
5 fire elemental normal wrecker elemental 13 True Ways 190
5 flaming skull normal caster undead Bestiary 110
5 frenzy demon normal wrecker demon Core 211
5 gargoyle normal troop construct Core 224
5 gelatinous cubahedron huge blocker ooze Bestiary 89
5 gelatinous cube huge blocker ooze Core 241
5 ghast normal wrecker undead Bestiary 98
5 gorge dragon large spoiler dragon Bestiary 17
5 green bulette large wrecker beast Bestiary 27
5 half-orc tribal champion normal wrecker humanoid Core 233
5 hobgoblin warmage normal caster humanoid Core 230
5 huge white dragon huge troop dragon Core 219
5 hydra, 5 heads huge wrecker beast Core 236
5 Iron Sea shark double-strength mook beast Bestiary 188
5 kobold dragon-soul normal troop humanoid Bestiary 125
5 lumberland dirt-fisher huge wrecker beast Bestiary 28
5 manticore bard large caster beast Bestiary 139
5 mantikumhar large spoiler beast Bestiary 139
5 mausoleum dragon large troop dragon Bestiary 219
5 medium blue dragon normal caster dragon Core 219
5 ogre champion large wrecker giant Bestiary 150
5 ravenous bumoorah normal wrecker beast Bestiary 28
5 rust monster obliterator normal spoiler demon Bestiary 184
5 sahuagin normal wrecker humanoid Core 245
5 sahuagin glow priest normal caster humanoid Bestiary 188
5 smoke devil normal troop devil 13 True Ways 172
5 swarm prince normal spoiler humanoid Bestiary 121
5 swaysong naga large leader beast Bestiary 143
5 thunder bat normal archer beast Bestiary 15
5 warped beast normal wrecker aberration Bestiary 70
5 water elemental normal blocker elemental 13 True Ways 190
5 wendigo spirit large wrecker undead Bestiary 212
5 werebear large troop beast 13 True Ways 206
5 whispering prophet normal leader aberration Bestiary 216
5 wraith normal spoiler undead Core 250
5 wyvern large wrecker beast Core 250
6 apex zorigami normal spoiler construct Bestiary 225
6 bat demon (squishy) normal mook demon 13 True Ways 164
6 bearded devil (barbazu) large blocker devil 13 True Ways 173
6 blizzard dragon large wrecker dragon Bestiary 220
6 blood rose double-strength wrecker undead 13 True Ways 195
6 cambion katar normal wrecker demon Bestiary 31
6 centaur champion double-strength leader humanoid Bestiary 36
6 centaur ranger normal archer humanoid Bestiary 35
6 chuul large spoiler aberration Bestiary 47
6 chuulish swarm normal troop aberration Bestiary 47
6 clay golem large spoiler construct Core 231
6 corpse dybbuk double-strength troop demon Bestiary 64
6 coursing manticore large spoiler beast Bestiary 140
6 crimsoncap normal spoiler humanoid Bestiary 175
6 death blossom double-strength caster undead 13 True Ways 194
6 dire tiger large troop beast 13 True Ways 160
6 drider large caster aberration Core 223
6 drow spider-sorceress normal caster humanoid Bestiary 59
6 frost-wurm large troop beast Bestiary 180
6 gelatinous octahedron huge blocker ooze Bestiary 89
6 hag normal spoiler humanoid Bestiary 105
6 hill giant large troop giant Core 225
6 ice zombie normal mook undead Bestiary 79
6 intellect assassin normal spoiler aberration Bestiary 118
6 jotun auroch huge mook beast Bestiary 78
6 large black dragon large wrecker dragon Core 220
6 large bronze dragon large wrecker dragon 13 True Ways 185
6 lich flower double-strength blocker undead 13 True Ways 194
6 lokkris normal mook beast Bestiary 61
6 manticore large archer beast Core 238
6 medium red dragon normal wrecker dragon Core 220
6 medium silver dragon normal spoiler dragon 13 True Ways 185
6 Medusa outlaw double-strength wrecker humanoid Core 238
6 ogre mage knight large wrecker giant Bestiary 152
6 parasitic dybbuk double-strength spoiler demon Bestiary 64
6 poison dandelion double-strength spoiler undead 13 True Ways 195
6 sahuagin mutant double-strength wrecker humanoid Bestiary 189
6 sparkscale naga large leader beast Bestiary 144
6 specter double-strength wrecker undead 13 True Ways 201
6 spider mount large troop beast Bestiary 60
6 vampire spawn normal spoiler undead Core 249
6 vrock normal spoiler demon Core 211
6 weretiger large troop beast 13 True Ways 206
6 winter beast large troop beast Bestiary 79
7 bergship raider large spoiler giant Bestiary 77
7 big air elemental normal wrecker elemental 13 True Ways 191
7 big earth elemental normal blocker elemental 13 True Ways 191
7 big fire elemental normal wrecker elemental 13 True Ways 191
7 big water elemental normal blocker elemental 13 True Ways 191
7 bronze golem large blocker construct Bestiary 100
7 cloud giant mage huge caster giant 13 True Ways 165
7 cloud giant thane huge wrecker giant 13 True Ways 165
7 crustycap normal wrecker humanoid Bestiary 176
7 devil of the fangs huge spoiler devil 13 True Ways 180
7 drow darkbolt normal archer humanoid Bestiary 59
7 ethereal dybbuk double-strength wrecker demon Bestiary 65
7 fallen lammasu large wrecker beast Bestiary 131
7 frost giant large spoiler giant Core 226
7 gelatinous dodecahedron huge blocker ooze Bestiary 90
7 gnoll fiendfletch normal archer humanoid 13 True Ways 196
7 gnoll shredder normal blocker humanoid 13 True Ways 196
7 hezrou large troop demon Core 212
7 hooded devil normal troop devil 13 True Ways 174
7 hydra, 7 heads huge wrecker beast Core 236
7 ice sorceress large caster giant Bestiary 77
7 lammasu warrior large troop beast Bestiary 131
7 large green dragon large spoiler dragon Core 220
7 manafang naga large leader beast Bestiary 144
7 medium gold dragon normal caster dragon 13 True Ways 186
7 moon dragon huge troop dragon Bestiary 220
7 ogre mage large caster giant Core 240
7 orc rager normal mook humanoid Core 242
7 phase spider large wrecker beast Core 244
7 umluppuk huge spoiler aberration Bestiary 69
7 void dragon huge caster dragon Bestiary 18
7 volcano dragon large wrecker dragon Bestiary 168
8 adult remorhaz large wrecker beast Bestiary 180
8 black skull normal caster undead Bestiary 110
8 cambion hellblade normal wrecker demon Bestiary 32
8 Carid, reseeded triple-strength troop plant 13 True Ways 254
8 couatl large spoiler beast Bestiary 52
8 elder swaysong naga normal leader beast Bestiary 144
8 fire giant large wrecker giant Core 227
8 frost giant adventurer large spoiler giant Bestiary 78
8 fury devil (erinyes) normal wrecker devil 13 True Ways 175
8 giant praying mantis large blocker beast 13 True Ways 161
8 glabrezou large caster demon Core 212
8 iconic chimera large wrecker beast Bestiary 42
8 lammasu wizard large spoiler beast Bestiary 132
8 large blue dragon large caster dragon Core 221
8 lich count double-strength spoiler undead Bestiary 135
8 marble golem large troop construct Bestiary 101
8 mummy double-strength wrecker undead 13 True Ways 197
8 ogre lightning mage large caster giant Bestiary 152
8 parasitic lightning beetle normal mook beast Bestiary 164
8 purple larvae normal mook beast Bestiary 165
8 purple worm huge wrecker beast Bestiary 164
8 rakshasa double-strength caster humanoid Core 245
8 shadow dragon large caster dragon Bestiary 193
8 shadow thief normal mook dragon Bestiary 193
8 stone giant large troop giant Core 226
8 stone golem large blocker ooze Core 232
9 black pudding huge wrecker ooze Core 241
9 bone devil (osyluth) large troop devil 13 True Ways 176
9 chimera large wrecker beast Core 209
9 deep bulette huge wrecker beast Bestiary 28
9 despoiler mage normal caster demon Core 213
9 djinn large spoiler giant Bestiary 93
9 dread specter triple-strength wrecker undead 13 True Ways 201
9 drow cavalry double-strength wrecker humanoid Bestiary 59
9 elder sparkscale naga normal leader beast Bestiary 145
9 elder wendigo huge spoiler demon Bestiary 212
9 empyrean dragon huge spoiler dragon Bestiary 18
9 epic air elemental normal wrecker elemental 13 True Ways 192
9 epic earth elemental normal blocker elemental 13 True Ways 192
9 epic fire elemental normal wrecker elemental 13 True Ways 193
9 epic water elemental normal blocker elemental 13 True Ways 193
9 fire giant warlord large leader giant Core 227
9 giant vrock large spoiler demon Core 214
9 headless zombie normal troop undead 13 True Ways 207
9 hoard spirit normal mook construct Bestiary 169
9 hoardsong dragon large spoiler dragon Bestiary 169
9 hooked demon normal mook demon Core 213
9 huge black dragon huge wrecker dragon Core 221
9 huge bronze dragon huge wrecker dragon 13 True Ways 186
9 lammasu priest large caster beast Bestiary 132
9 large copper dragon large spoiler dragon 13 True Ways 186
9 ogre minion large mook giant Bestiary 150
9 prismatic ogre mage large caster giant Bestiary 153
9 skull of the beast large wrecker undead Bestiary 110
9 soul flenser normal spoiler aberration 13 True Ways 199
9 the flensed normal mook aberration 13 True Ways 200
9 wraith bat normal mook undead Bestiary 15
10 barbed devil (hamatula) normal caster devil 13 True Ways 176
10 dusk zorigami normal wrecker construct Bestiary 225
10 efreet large wrecker giant Bestiary 93
10 elder manafang naga normal leader beast Bestiary 145
10 great fang cadre (orc) normal mook humanoid Core 242
10 iron golem large wrecker construct Core 232
10 large red dragon large wrecker dragon Core 222
10 large silver dragon large spoiler dragon 13 True Ways 187
10 massive mutant chuul huge wrecker aberration Bestiary 48
10 nalfeshnee large caster demon Core 214
10 river devil normal wrecker devil 13 True Ways 180
10 spawn of the master (vampire) normal mook undead Core 249
10 storm giant huge archer giant Core 228
10 treant titan large spoiler plant 13 True Ways 203
10 vampire normal spoiler undead Core 248
11 elder couatl large spoiler beast Bestiary 53
11 greathoard elder huge wrecker dragon Bestiary 170
11 huge copper dragon huge spoiler dragon 13 True Ways 187
11 huge green dragon huge spoiler dragon Core 222
11 ice devil (gelugon) normal leader devil 13 True Ways 177
11 large gold dragon large caster dragon 13 True Ways 187
11 medusa noble double-strength caster humanoid Core 239
11 remorhaz queen large wrecker beast Bestiary 180
12 ancient purple worm huge wrecker beast Bestiary 164
12 flamewreathed dragon huge spoiler dragon Bestiary 170
12 horned devil (conugon) large troop devil 13 True Ways 177
12 huge blue dragon huge caster dragon Core 222
12 lich prince double-strength spoiler undead Bestiary 136
12 marilith large troop demon Core 215
12 smoke minions normal mook construct Bestiary 171
13 balor large wrecker demon Core 215
13 Hagunemnon large wrecker aberration Bestiary 69
13 huge red dragon huge wrecker dragon Core 223
13 huge silver dragon huge spoiler dragon 13 True Ways 188
13 river devil minion normal mook devil 13 True Ways 181
13 the final devil huge leader devil 13 True Ways 181
14 huge gold dragon huge caster dragon 13 True Ways 188
14 pit fiend huge wrecker devil 13 True Ways 178
15 tarrasque huge wrecker beast Bestiary 201

Grr'OwlNow that the 13th Age Bestiary is about to ship, and design on 13 True Ways is finished, we can turn our attention back to other important things. Like announcing a contest winner!

We invited readers to submit captions for Rich Longmore’s great illustration of a bronze golem looming over an owlbear cub. We selected three finalists, which went to Rob Heinsoo for judging.

The winner of the Limited Edition 13th Age Bestiary:

Daniel Gallaher: “Mr. Snuggles Murderton! I’ve been looking all over for you!”

Runners up ($20 Pelgrane vouchers):

Jace Parker: “Perhaps a Clockwork Golem could learn to love. An Owlbear, however, will never learn to show mercy.”

Dennis Newcomb: “And what happened, then? Well, in Axis they say – that the Forgeborn’s small heart grew three sizes that day. And then – the true meaning of love came through, and the Forgeborn found the strength of ten Forgeborns, plus two!”

Daniel, Jace and Dennis, please email support@dyingearth.com to claim your prizes.

Congrats to the winners, and thanks to everyone who sent in an entry!

13th Age Bestiary Limited Edition









We’ve printed 100 limited editions in all, and we are releasing them now for Hatchling Edition pre-orderers only. The books are faux black leather with gold foil. Each one includes a numbered book plate signed by Rob Heinsoo for you to add to the book. They will also include a limited edition A5 print of everyone’s favourite baby owlbear facing off a bronze golem.


We are not offering an upgrade version to existing Bestiary customers.

The book retails at $80 / £50 plus shipping.

As promised, we are emailing all 13th Age Bestiary Hatchling Edition customers with instructions how to order. If we don’t sell out, we’ll open it up next to the rest of the Bestiary pre-orderers, and if there are any left after that, we’ll open it up to everyone.

The Flesh TailorIn his April View from the Pelgrane’s Nest column, Simon provided updates on all of Pelgrane’s current projects. Here’s the latest news on 13th Age:

The 13th Age Bestiary is with the printers, on target for a mid-June delivery date. Pre-order your copy now from the Pelgrane store. It’s available on Bits and Mortar, too, so you can pre-order it from your local retailer and get the PDF now.

The Bestiary limited edition is in the changing rooms at the boutique, trying out new outfits of faux leather colours and gold foil. The limited B is currently available for pre-order, with Hatchling edition customers geting first dibs.

13 True Ways is finally in layout. We apologize for the extreme delay in getting this Kickstarted product out to you – we think it’s worth the wait. We’ll put in on pre-order this month. It’s touch and go if we’ll have it out in time for GenCon and Kickstarter backers come first. A non-laid out PDF version should be out with backers in the next couple of weeks.

For FreeRPGDay , Saturday 21st June, we’ll be releasing a new retail-exclusive adventure Make Your Own Luck. 3500 of these adventures will be distributed free in up to 700 hobby stores. Stores can sign up here  and you can find your nearest participating retailer here.

Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan is nursing the great whale that is The Eyes of the Stone Thief into the the deep waters of art direction; Rich Longmore, Anna Kryczkowska, Juha Makkonen and Pat Loboyko are doing the interior work, and Ben Wootten the cover.

Cartographer Pär Lindstrom is producing maps for Shadows of Eldolan, and we have a first colour draft of the cover by Joshua Calloway here.

ASH LAW has delivered a draft of Shards of the Broken Sky, which Rob will look at when 13 True Ways is laid out.

The Book of Loot, a delicious collection of potent and quirky Icon-featured items is in first draft, also awaiting Rob’s seal of approval.

ASH LAW at Emerald City Comic ConASH LAW designed some of our favorite monsters in the 13th Age Bestiary (which you can pre-order here.) His latest project is the Midgard Bestiary for Kobold Press, converting 100 monsters designed for D&D 4th edition to 13th Age.

We asked ASH to share his process for converting 4e monsters to 13th Age, and we’ve included some sample monsters at the end.  

Also: from now through April 1, you can take $5 off the Midgard Bestiary, 13th Age Compatible Edition at the Kobold Store with the promo code P3LGR4N3. (You can actually use it for any Kobold Press product with a minimum $5 purchase.)

How to convert a 4e monster to 13th Age in 13 steps

I did most of the mechanical conversion for Kobold Press’ Midgard Bestiary: 13th Age Compatible Edition by hand, in red pen and highlighter, in a car, during a daily commute and lunch breaks. (Though not while driving!) The 13th Age core book was on one knee, non-13th Age material on my left knee.

  1. Highlight anything that 13th Age does not have: Prone, push, that sort of thing. If it was integral to something that is thematically central for the monster I found a way to deal with it. If it was just an extra effect then I’d cross it out and ignore it. I generally didn’t cross it out straight away, because sometimes it wasn’t immediately obvious and I wanted to section it off with highlighter.
  2. Group similar attacks together. If something has a ‘basic axe attack’, a ‘mighty axe charge’, and a ‘great axe sweep’ – yeah, cross all those out and make a note “Axe”.
    1. If great axe sweep and so forth are actually different things that the axe does (instead of just a slightly better axe attack) I’ll make them conditional riders for the axe attack.
    2. Give the axe attack a decent name:
      Mighty Axe +X vs AC –  Y damage
      Natural even hit: Z damage or effect
  3. Determine the creature’s level. Generally that is (4e level/2)-1and round up or down to taste. So a 15th level 4e monster might be a (15/2)-1 = 6.5 level monster… so 6th or 7th. I then might bump up or down a level depending on if it feels right depending on its 4e ‘fiction’ (its place in the world).
  4. Fill in numbers for attack bonuses based on level. If something is thematically supposed to be good at something (an archer monster making ranged attacks) I’ll give attacks that fit the theme +1 and those that don’t fit a -1.
  5. Write in the total damage an attack is supposed to do beside the attack. If the attack has a conditional rider I’ll divide the damage between the two, and either frontload it slightly or bump up the damage on the rider part. So if a creature is supposed to do 12 damage (say a 6th level mook) and it has a conditional rider that happens half the time it might look like this:Mighty Axe +11 vs AC – 10 damage
    Natural even hit: 4 damageor like this:Mighty Axe +11 vs AC – 4 damage
    Natural even hit: 10 damageThe idea is that over the course of 2 hits it should average out as the ‘correct’ 12 damage.The first example is fine. On average it does 12 damage. The second example on average does 9 damage, but feels more impressive when it hits… so to balance that out I’d give it a little (+1) boost to its to-hit.Mighty Axe +12 vs AC – 4 damage
    Natural even hit: 10 damageThere! Now that mook does damage as though it was one level lower, but is hitting like it is one level higher (and its hits feel really impressive half the time). Generally I’d go with the first example unless the monster’s fiction had it be weak but with a powerful secondary attack.

    Goblin Scorpionataur’s Axe +12 vs AC – 4 damage
    Natural even hit: 10 poison damage from the striking tail of the half-scorpion goblin.

  6. Pop the defenses and HP in.
  7. Loop back for any powers or attacks with multiple targets, and adjust so that the monster’s damage output over several rounds roughly matches what the strike damage should be. In general if something is attacking 1d3 targets it should only do 1/3rd damage to each target. I actually aim for something closer to 2/5ths to each target.
  8. Loop back for anything still in highlighter (prones, pushes, etc). If they are relevant to the monster I’ll add them in as a special power triggered by an attack or something. Pushes and prones can generally become pops-free-then-must-save-or-X, but mostly they can be dumped when converting to 13th Age without losing the theme and feel of a creature.
  9. Shake my head. Tut loudly. Stare at traffic.
  10. I’ve made a mistake, this monster should be one level higher because…
    a) It feels like it should be tougher.
    b) It feels like it should hit more often.
    c) I’ve just converted an X and there is no way a Y mook is weaker than an X but I can’t bump the X down because it needs to be stronger than the Z.
    d) I’ve changed my mind.
  11.  Use Jonathan’s advice on how to bump monsters up in power (+X to hit, or +X% HP, or +X to defences). Adjust the monster until it feels right, and the numbers are not incomparable to other similar creatures in the core book.
  12. Use the level of the original 4e monster as its initiative modifier, but adjust for feel based on what kind of monster it is.
  13. Have a cup of tea.

Beyond the mechanics

Exploring the monsters in both Bestiaries by giving them things to have, adventure hooks, and treasure was a bunch of fun. It was challenging in a different way – after the 20th stat-block conversion you kind of get into the swing of it, but every monster presents fresh narrative challenges when giving hooks and things in its pockets.

Designing from scratch

If I had been approaching the Midgard Bestiary monsters fresh rather than doing a conversion of existing material, some of them would have been very different mechanically, because the underlying fiction would have been different. Mechanics flow from the fiction, and sometimes feed back into it too. For an example of how to start from a blank slate look at the chapter I wrote at the end of the 13th Age Bestiary on how to create monsters which goes step-by-step through the design choices in creating a ‘Lyznakian Fire Wizard’.

13th Age Bestiary Preview: Orcs

Download ASH LAW’s take on orcs for the 13th Age Bestiary in a glorious laid-out PDF.

Midgard Bestiary Preview: Goblins of the Wasted West

(Shared here with the kind permission of Kobold Press and its Kobold-in-Chief Wolfgang Baur.)

Midgard Ghost Goblin by Chris McFannThe Old Ones did it. They changed the buggers. It wasn’t the heat, or lack of food, or just not being civilized. These goblins live in the shadow of another world and can’t be compared to anything natural in all of Midgard. No one creature better represents the corruption and variety of the dangers in the Wasted West than the goblin. Nowhere else in Midgard will you find a race so different from tribe to tribe.

The goblins below are but a small selection of the unique goblin cultures found throughout this unforgiving land…

Ghost Goblin Tribe

The Ghost Goblins have strong ties to their dead in more than just a spiritual sense. When their warriors die, tribal necromancers create unliving soldiers to fill the ranks. So devoted are they to this practice that the undead obey all members of the tribe instinctively, even from those with no talent for spells.

Some warriors among the Ghost Goblins hold the undead in higher esteem than the living. They strive to honor the zombies through their actions, and through prayers to strange gods. Soon a ghost goblin horror is born, too intelligent to be considered a zombie but too unnatural to be called a living creature.

As its flesh slowly begins to rot away, a horror begins to develop a talent for tugging at the souls of others. The horror exists halfway between life and death, suffering vulnerabilities of both the living and unliving. This place between worlds grants it power, however. The ghost goblin horror can implant the suggestion of death in an enemy’s mind, paralyzing its body with the rigor of the dead before attacking relentlessly. The ghost goblin horror does not fear death and will retreat from battle only if ordered by a necromancer or priest.

Dust Digger Tribe

The Dust Diggers scour the waste in search of long abandoned artifacts. These strange goblins seem supernaturally talented in getting vril technology working again. Most members have an odd vril trinket in their arsenal. Some of them have even modified their bodies, seeming more construct than flesh.

The dust digger watchmen are charged with protecting the excavations of the tribe. They take up a positions that grants cover and makes them difficult to see, whenever possible, but do not sacrifice proximity to the excavation site. When enemies come too near, the watchman opens fire and shouts for reinforcements.  Watchmen typically fight alongside other warriors, they support mobile skirmishers well. Dust Diggers are also found with strange constructs and war machines excavated from vril ruins.

Bonewraith Tribe

The cannibalistic bonewraith tribe are speakers with spirits, and some say with the Old Ones themselves. Ceremonial leaders among the bonewraith tribe, the spirit callers are masters of ritual and can commune with large numbers of spirits. Their bone weapons and tools are carved with beautiful—if disturbing—images, and their hide armor bears the grisly, weathered faces of former enemies.

Spirit callers generally partake of goblin flesh more than other tribesmen. They can be recognized by their twitching hands and over-dilated pupils. In combat they can connect to an enemy’s soul and then use this connection to force their target’s limbs to move against the victim’s will.

The Bonewraith tribe generally doesn’t work with non-goblins, but they may make temporary alliances and do on occasion tame beasts as mounts or combatants.

Things You Might Find On A Ghost Goblin Horror…

Tiny bone disks carved with goblin prayers. Metal helm, exhortations to strange gods scratched into it. Maggots fat from the flesh of the decaying goblin. Mismatched pieces of armor, scavenged or taken from the bodies of slain enemies.

Things You Might Find On A Dust Digger Tribe Goblin…

Large bone knife. Chest containing broken artifacts. Goggles. Pliers. Tarnished coins with holes drilled into them, and star-charts scratched into their faces. Map of the wastes. Warm rock which glows slightly in the dark. Tea pot. Necklace of steel teeth. Dowsing rod. String of sand-glass beads. Jar containing a twisting bit of frozen time—if unfrozen over a fire it reveals the last words of a dying wizard. A chest containing 49 smaller chests, one inside the other, until the final chest which contains a tiny cloth doll.

Things You Might Find On A Bonewraith Goblin…

Armor made from the faces of victims. Bone sword, made out of the bones of victims. Pouch, made out of the skin of victims. Trousers, made out of the flesh of victims. Vile totem made out of soulstuff and bones.

Magic Items

Vril Power Bow (bow). A priceless artifact from a lost time, but sadly not as reliable as it was when it was new. At the start of each of your turns, roll a d8. If you roll over the escalation die value, on a successful hit with this weapon add the die result to your damage and the target briefly glows. If you roll under the escalation die, you take the die result in damage and you briefly glow. Rolling equal to the escalation die applies no damage from the roll, but you can make another attack with the bow on this turn as a quick action.

Quirk: Dream of lost ages, seek to restore that which was lost.


Goblin Totem (holy or unholy symbol). The artifact is unmistakably goblin in design, but started life as a holy symbol for a different god. Gain +1 to hit for every goblin ally in the battle, including yourself if you are a goblin, to a maximum of +6.

Recharge 16+ (Ghost Goblin tribal totem): On a successful hit with a single-target melee attack, the target is seized with rigor mortis (stuck, save ends).

Recharge 16+ (Bonewraith tribal totem): On a successful hit with a single-target melee attack against a foe with half your total hit points or fewer, the target is terrified by a vision of goblin ancestral spirits (fear, save ends).

Recharge 16+ (Dust Digger tribal totem): On a successful hit with a single-target ranged attack, the target is dazed by powerful vril energy (save ends).

Quirk: Sing traditional goblin songs such as “Three Dirty Goblins”, “The Goblin’s Eyes” and “Goblin’s Lament”. If you sing the songs for long enough they may drift into unholy hymns to the Old Ones without you noticing.

Adventure Hooks

The Goblin Market: A shiver of goblin sharks have come to town, far from their home, to meet and trade with representatives of the bonewraith tribe. The situation is potentially explosive—especially as the items the bonewraiths are trading belong to the ghost goblins, and the shark goblin’s items were stolen from dust diggers.


Ghost Goblin Horror

The ghost goblin horror fights alongside other living and undead tribe members. Sometimes the tribe will take in undead discovered in travels and raids. These creatures were often not goblins in life, so there is no end to the variety of undead they might command.

Level 2 troop [Undead]

Initiative: +5

Vulnerable: holy

Short sword +6 vs. AC—5 damage

Natural even hit or miss: The goblin may use curse of rigor as a quick action.

R: Curse of rigor +6 vs. MD—5 damage and the target is stuck (save ends).

Ghost life: When the ghost goblin horror is reduced to 0 hit points it makes a save. If it succeeds it gains 5 hit points and regenerates 5 hit points per turn until the end of the battle or it is next reduced to 0 hit points.

Fear aura: Enemies engaged with the goblin and who have 12 hit points or less are dazed and can’t use the escalation die.


AC 17

PD 11          HP 27

MD 15


Dust Digger Watchman

Dust digger watchmen guard major excavation sites against looters. Surprisingly disciplined, these goblins know the power of the artifacts they seek. They have mastered the strange vril bows whose bolts are charged with the power of the sun. When they open fire, reinforcements are never far behind.

Level 2 archer [Humanoid]

Initiative: +8

War pick +7 vs. AC—7 damage

R: Vril powerbow +7 vs. AC—7 holy damage

            Natural 16+ hit: Target glows and is vulnerable to all attacks until the end of its next turn.

AC 18

PD 16        HP 36

MD 12


Bonewraith Spirit Caller

The Bonewraith goblins are known for eating both their enemies and the weak and fallen of their own tribe. They fashion the resulting bones into weapons, totems, and armor, to imbue themselves with the power of the fallen. Most who encounter these fearsome creatures flee rather than find out the truth of these claims.

Level 2 caster [Humanoid]

Initiative: +6

Bone sword +7 vs. AC—7 damage

R: Soul grasp +7 vs. MD—7 damage and the target pops free

R: Summon ancestors +7 vs. PD—7 damage

            Natural 18+ hit or miss: Causes fear in 1d3 nearby enemies (save ends).

[Triggered action] Spirit guardian: When the spirit caller becomes staggered it gains +2 to all its defenses until it is next hit.


AC 18

PD 16       HP 36

MD 12

Kobold Press' mascot JiroFrom now through April 1, you can take $5 off the Midgard Bestiary, 13th Age Compatible Edition at the Kobold Store with the promo code P3LGR4N3. (You can actually use it for any Kobold Press product with a minimum $5 purchase.)

It’s a fine complement to our own 13th Age Bestiary, with monsters from the Midgard Campaign Setting including dire weasels, exiled elves, mad wizards and more – plus 9 monstrous PC races and 13 icons of Midgard.

If you want to learn more, check out ASH LAW’s article in See Page XX.

“The Midgard Bestiary combines Kobold Press’s dedication to quality and originality with ASH LAWS’ enthusiastic and accomplished take on the 13th Age to serve you a gallimaufry of ghouls and golems.” – Simon Rogers

This editorial originally appeared in the January issue of See Page XX as Trail of Cthulhu and 13th Age, and we want to make sure everyone who follows 13th Age news has a chance to see it. In it, Pelgrane Press publisher Simon Rogers makes a commitment to support for 13th Age that will match the support for its best-selling game line to date — Trail of Cthulhu. 

If you’re deciding on your next fantasy RPG and publisher support is a factor, you can be confident that 13th Age is a strong product line with many adventures and supplements to come. Here are just a few.

Trail of Cthulhu was a game-changer for Pelgrane. I was very excited when Chaosium agreed to the license, and when I added Kenneth Hite to Robin Laws’ GUMSHOE system I was pretty sure we had horror gamer catnip.

The analogy with 13th Age is plain. Take the two developers of the previous versions of D&D, free them to do exactly as they wish, and we get something fresh, original and idiosyncratic for fantasy gamers. If you look at my business post – you can see what happened in 2008 when Trail was released, and in 2011 when 13th Age was placed on pre-order.

For both projects, the look and art was a given – it had to be Jérome Huguenin for Trail, and Lee Moyer and Aaron McConnell for 13th Age. Ken’s interactions with Jérome’s art influenced the final Trail manuscript, and Rob riffed off Aaron and Lee’s take on the 13th Age. These weren’t artists called into illustrate a finished project – their art influenced the writers and designers, and vice versa.

The two lines have another similarity. They are both commercial and critical successes. 13th Age is rapidly catching up with Trail in terms of core book sales, and reviews of both lines are stellar. So why am I banging on about this?

Well, 13th Age is at the stage where Trail of Cthulhu was in 2008, and I want to give 13th Age players an idea of  the extent of support we will give 13th Age; so that if you mount the 13th Age dragon, you have some idea where the ride might take you.

Trail of Cthulhu

Since Trail launched in 2008, we’ve released 33 supplements, including music and compilations, racking up 13 ENnie awards, nominations and honourable http://www.pelgranepress.com/trail/images/cover/shadowsoverfilmland.pngmentions. Our most widely acknowledged contribution to Mythos gaming is in the breadth and innovation of our adventure design and 21 of these releases were adventures. The first supplement for Trail of Cthulhu was Stunning Eldritch Tales – Robin Laws establishing a benchmark for Trail adventures, which Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan followed up with Arkham Detective Tales. Here are a few more highlights:

Shadows over Filmland: this set of adventures mixes up the Mythos with the horror films of the 1930s, and includes the Backlot Gothic , the gloomy and torch-wieldling festooned setting for thos films. Each chapter has a frontispiece illustrated by Jérome in the style of a film still. So, meet the Lord of the Apes, Dracula, the invisible man, zombies and Dr Frankenstein – who has Herbert West’s lab notes.

Rough Magicks – Ken’s more detailed take of mythos spells and rituals was followed by Robin’s Armitage Files, a new take on GUMSHOE which encouraged improvised play, showing the versatility of the system (and the creator).

Graham Walmsley’s Purist adventures: featuring the sad and the soul-sapping, Graham brought a new aesthetic to Trail, where hope is lost, characters have no good choices and the Mythos is victorious. They have since been collected together in Final Revelation.

http://www.pelgranepress.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Eternal_Lies_cover_mockup.jpgA series of PDF adventures: by authors including Jason Morningstar, Bill White and  Adam Guantlett allowed those authors to play their own games in our playground of despond, giving us scenarios set in Georgian times, in the Great War, at the dawn of the Nuclear Age and in a 1930s apocalypse, now collected in Out of Time and Out of Space.

Bookhounds of London is Ken’s bravura take on a Mythos city book, which with its companion volume Paulas Dempsey’s Book of the Smoke formed part of the amazing Bookhounds of London limited edition.

Finally, I’ll mention the culmination of years of work from Will Hindmarch and Jeff Tidball, with help from many others: Eternal Lies, the world-spanning adventure inspired by Chaosium’s seminal campaigns. Combined with James Semple and his team’s music this is truly epic and the most ambitious book we have created to date.

We will continue to support Trail with vigour – it is evergreen. Coming up are Mythos Expeditions, Dreamhounds of Paris  and Fearful Symmetry. Many more are in the pipeline.

13th Age

Its clear that 13th Age will be bigger than Trail. We will support 13th Age just as solidly and vigourously as we have Trail of Cthulhu, bring in top writers and artists, and our own uninhibited take on fantasy roleplaying.

Fire Opal Media are producing some books in-house for Pelgrane to publish (13 True Ways) – with others we are working with various degrees of collaboration mainly with Rob Heinsoo on the Fire Opal side. So what should you expect?

We will work with the best people we can find who are inspired by 13th Age. Whether that’s our staff, freelancers we respect, or third-parties taking our open game license engine and having their own take on the Archmage Engine, we are happy.

So what’s to come?

  • The 13th Age Bestiary is in layout, and it combines everything we’ve learnt from monster creation in the Dying Earth, the Book of Unremitting Horror and Trail itself – that is, monsters should be entertaining and carefully constructed opponents, but also adventures in their own right with life and background – but they should not be set in stone. We want GMs to have the material they need to reimagine their creatures to fit their version of the 13th Age.WoodElves
  • 13 True Ways is a labour of love by the original designers at Fire Opal, and features the elements 13th Age fans have said are missing from their games – in particular a wider range of classes and creatures. Progress report here.
  • Shadows in Eldolan brings an urban mystery for 1st level adventurers featuring rival wizard schools and the undead – a benchmark adventure.
  • The Lair of the Stone Thief is Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan’s dungeon campaign featuring a living dungeon, malevolent and viscious with a similarity to a certain white whale.
  • Shards of the Broken Sky is a  sandbox adventure for 13th Age centering on the crash of one of the Archmage’s flying realms. As threats multiply, the flying land turns out to have been the control point for magical wards neutralizing three ancient evils. With the cone of secrecy shattered, each of the thirteen icons offers rival opportunities for glory, plunder, or heroic sacrifice.
  • The Strangling Sea is Robin D Laws introductory adventure. In this 13th Age adventure for a party of 4-6 1st-level adventurers, our heroes attempt to retrieve the enigmatic engineer Inigo Sharpe from his unfortunate imprisonment in the Stranglesea. This fantastical equivalent of our world’s Sargasso Sea traps wrecked ships, strands castaways, and supports an array of dangerous animal life.

These are still at the pitch stage – let us have your comments:

A 13th Age GM’s screen which is based on The Noteboard, and a Noteboard based battlemat with the 13th Age map on one side and a whiteboard on the other.

All for Love: (1st to 10th level campaign) Every generation, the rich, beautiful, politically powerful Orlando family introduces its sons and daughters into Imperial court life in a series of balls, jousts, tournaments, and increasingly perilous quests.

Every generation, the Orlandos’ rivals (human and otherwise) try to destroy them in a series of vendettas, assassinations, and increasingly unhinged proposals of marriage. You and your fellow heroes have fallen in love with the newest generation of Orlandos — or at least with their wealth, beauty, and political power. What will you do to win their attentions, to protect the things — and perhaps even the people — you love? Everything it takes, of course.

A book on Icons and their organisations.

Kenneth Hite’s Swords and Mythos – either a straight Earth port, or set in an earlier age: both of Ken’s pitches follow:

Swords and Mythos – Terran Version

From Sarnath to Mu to Hyperborea to Cimmeria, the ancient Earth swarms with dark cults, eldritch horrors, and foul magics — and with mighty heroes who drive them back into nightmare or master inhuman lore for human gain. This sourcebook reframes 13th Age for the primal Earth of heroic dark fantasists like Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, Karl Edward Wagner, and Richard Tierney — and for a surprising amount of Lovecraft! Gods and monsters of the antediluvian Earth appear, ready to topple civilization or sink a continent. Magic, Icons, Relationships, and One Unique Things get their own spin for a world where attracting something more powerful than you isn’t always the best idea … but you’ve got the steel to meet them in the shadows.frostgiant

Swords and Mythos – 13th Age Version

Before the Dragon Empire, before the storms calmed in the Midland Sea, before the Elf Queen took her oaken throne, before the Orcs were formed from the corpse-meat of a forgotten species, there was an age of terror and wonder — the Zeroth Age. The oldest Icons ruled, then: the Tattered King, the Dreamer in the Deep, and the Crawling Chaos, Icons that walked the world as Avatars and selected heroes to carry steel and shape sorcery in the names of those Great Old Ones. In this “swords and Mythos” setting, the familiar 13th Age rules and Relationships get their own spin for a world where attracting something more powerful than you isn’t always the best idea … but you’ve got what it takes to meet them in the shadows.

The OGL and Third Party Publishers

We’ve presented a clear and complete SRD, and in the next week or two, expect to see compatibilty licenses for publishers similar to those used for Pathfinder (we thank Paizo for the use of their license). The following creators have added 13th Age to their project.

  • Dragon Kings project: Timothy Brown, creator of Dark Sun setting is providing a PDF rules supplement, funded through his Kickstarter.
  •  Sasquatch Game Studio: Features Richard Baker (3rd edition, Pathfinder), Stephen Schubert (3e, 4e, D&D Miniatures), and David Noonan (3e, 4e, Pathfinder) and their Primeval Thule offers 13th Age rules alongside D&D and Pathfinder
  • Vorpal Games: Brian R. James (3e, 4e, Pathfinder), Matt James (4e, Pathfinder) in their Red Aegis RPG.
  • RKDN Studios: artist Chris McFann, whose work with publishers helps him bring designers such as Monte Cook, Wolfgang Baur and Ed Greenwood to projects such as the Bestiary of the Curiously Odd .

Watch out for a big announcement in the next couple of months, featuring a big RPG name.



hatchlingThe 13th Age Bestiary Hatchling Edition is on its last legs!


Buy the 13th Age Bestiary before 12:00 UTC Friday and get your name in the credits.




AnimalTileby Ryven Cedrylle

The Uchawa (taken from the Old Gnomish Uczaáła “sand-borer”) is a gigantic crustacean found beneath the sands of many of the world’s deserts. Uchawa have a yellow-orange carapace, a dozen short reddish legs protruding from the underside and four forward-facing arms, each ending in a three-pincered claw. The claws are capable of grasping even mostly rounded objects and can close tightly to create a sort of shovel or chisel. The arms are stacked two to a side, one above the other. The uchawa’s carapace is light and sturdy. It contains no nerve endings so the creature is not hurt if the carapace is damaged.

The strangest thing about the uchawa is its dietary habits. It surfaces by day and basks in the sunlight, which provides enough energy for normal activity. Small herds of uchawa can regularly be seen lounging around in the heat. At night it burrows back underground to seek water. About twice a year, however, an uchawa needs to molt as its carapace becomes too small for the rest of its body. During this time it becomes strictly and abundantly carnivorous, devouring whatever animals or humanoids it can to build up reserves from which to build the next carapace.

Wild uchawa are nearly impossible to tame, but those raised in captivity can be used as mounts and tunnelers. There is a thriving business around raising and loaning out uchawa to travelers who must traverse desert for a long period of time. The skin and carapace are also useful for a small number of rituals and are highly prized by cults to various sun gods and goddesses.


Uchawa Juvenile (4th molt)

2rd level wrecker [BEAST]

Initiative +1

M: Claw Cutter  +7 vs. AC—10 damage

16+: Deal 5 damage to an engaged enemy.

M: Claw Clamper +6 vs PD—8 damage

  Natural even hit: The target is grabbed (save ends).

Special: An uchawa can spend its standard action to deal 10 damage to a grabbed enemy.

C: Heat Burst +5 vs PD (1d4 nearby enemies)—8 fire damage to characters in light or no armor, 14 damage to characters in heavy armor

Limited use: 1/battle.

Burrowing: An uchawa juvenile can burrow through the ground, but not fast enough to be helpful in combat.

Retract: An uchawa that has pulled back in its shell is effectively impervious to direct damage from either normal weapons or spells. It can still be affected by mind-altering spells or ongoing damage from poisons and acids. Special weapons or rituals are required to break this defense.

Lumbering: The uchawa can not make opportunity attacks or intercept an enemy.

Nastier Specials

Improved Coordination: The uchawa can make two melee attacks each turn.

AC 19

PD 17                HP 38

MD 12


Uchawa Adult (17th molt)

5th level wrecker [BEAST]

Initiative +4

M: Claw Cutter  +10 vs. AC—20 damage

16+: Deal 10 damage to an engaged enemy.

M: Claw Clamper +9 vs PD—18 damage

  Natural even hit: The target is grabbed (save ends).

Special: An uchawa can spend its standard action to deal 20 damage to a grabbed enemy.

C: Heat Burst +8 vs PD (1d4 nearby enemies)—18 fire damage to characters in light or no armor, 28 damage to characters in heavy armor.

Limited use: 1/battle.

Four Arms: The uchawa can make two melee attacks each turn.

Burrowing: An uchawa adult can burrow through the ground, but not fast enough to be helpful in combat.

Retract: An uchawa that has pulled back in its shell is effectively impervious to direct damage from either normal weapons or spells. It can still be affected by mind-altering spells or ongoing damage from poisons and acids. Special weapons or rituals are required to break this defense.

Lumbering: The uchawa can not make opportunity attacks or intercept an enemy.

Nastier Specials

Burning Up: Any enemy engaged with the uchawa takes 6 fire damage at the start of its turn.

AC 23

PD 21                HP 88

MD 15


Building Battles

Uchawa make excellent war mounts for large creatures or groups of small ones. WIld uchawa are generally only dangerous during molting season, though when that is exactly is unique to each individual. An uchawa who has turned on its master or riders also makes for a surprising and fearsome encounter.

Uchawa and the Icons

The Diabolist loves uchawa. They dig caves and pits quickly, they dispose of dead flesh thoroughly and those insulated shells are just ideal for hatching demon larvae. What’s not to like? If you see an unattended uchawa somewhere bizarre, there’s a good chance the Diabolist’s associates are nearby.

The Orc Lord also has a solid appreciation for uchawa. Rather, he appreciates discarded uchawa shells. The smaller abandoned carapaces are decent instant platemail when supplies run low, but they don’t fit well and eventually become brittle. The better thing to do is load the carapaces into catapults; the bigger the better. Old uchawa shells shatter and fragment on impact, making them excellent anti-personnel pieces against organized waves of the Emperor’s troops.

The Dwarf King has tried on previous occasions to put uchawa to work in his mines. Unfortunately for him, the lack of sunlight drives them to needing meat and that just never ends well for anyone.

The Archmage has sponsored research into isolating the components of uchawa skin that make them gather energy from the sun. So far he has not succeeded.


Things Uchawa Carry

Most of the time, uchawa aren’t carrying anything. Domesticated uchawa might be obviously carrying a rider or some gear, but that’s about it. A few brave individuals will try to hide their valuables inside the uchawa’s carapace. Even an uchawa you raised from an egg won’t take well to its shell being invaded. The odds of finding random useful items in a wild uchawa shell are almost zero. The odds of finding something useful in a domesticated uchawa shell depend on how desperate or insane the owner happened to be.

Adventure Hooks

1) A famous crafter wants to incorporate uchawa carapace into a special set of armor. It would be easier to find a molted carapace than trying to get the material from the live creature but sometimes you have to take what you can get.

2) From time to time, desert settlements just disappear – people, structures, the whole shebang – lost into a sinkhole created by active uchawa. Relatives come themselves or send others to seek out the lost. Treasure hunters and explorers soon follow behind to see what can be salvaged and what new finds might be unearthed.

3) No one’s quite sure how you steal a herd of uchawa out from the stables of the Glittergeld Golden Dune Company, but apparently it’s possible because it’s been done. Time to round up some crab rustlers.


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