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UPDATE: All of our events but one (The Lost Tower of Suln in the VIG Lounge) are sold out! If you want to play 13th Age at Gen Con, find us at Booth #101 and sign up for the 2-hour demo with GM Rob Heinsoo. See you in Indy!

Want to play 13th Age at Gen Con? As of right now we still have a few openings in these games — anywhere from 1 seat to 4 seats. Grab your place at the table!

RPG1352025 – Danger At Deathless Gulch SOLD OUT
Start Date & Time: Thursday at 11:00 AM
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Marriott : Indiana Blrm D : 2
Journey to the badlands of Midgard’s magic-blasted Wasted West to recover a magical tome from a crashed dwarven airship. This adventure will use icons from the Midgard Campaign Setting.

RPG1351150 – The Lost Tower of Suln (VIG only)
Thursday at 2:00 PM
4 hours
ICC : VIG Lounge
The tower is back, and the Icons are moving to control an artifact of Achmos. Pre-gen characters provided. Generate Uniques, Backgrounds, and Icons then play the module. VIG and VIG Companion only.

RPG1352435 – Blood and Lightning (Fast and Furious Version) SOLD OUT
Thursday at 7:00 PM
2 hours
Marriott : Indiana Blrm D : 3
Boltstrike Pillar is under attack! Fight, fast-talk or sneak past squads of mooks and nightmare creatures as you ascend the pillar toward your ultimate foe. Every game will be different.

RPG1352023 – Blood & Lightning SOLD OUT
Friday at 1:00 PM
4 hours
Marriott Blrm 3 : 6
A hidden enemy threatens Boltstrike Pillar, one of the Dragon Empire’s magical nodes. Defend it at all costs! Your choices during character generation ensure that no two games will be the same.

RPG1352021 – Blood and Lightning (Fast and Furious Version) SOLD OUT
Saturday at 10:00 AM
2 hours
Marriott Blrm 7 : 4

RPG1352034 – Caverns & Cave-Creepers SOLD OUT
Saturday at 11:00 AM
2 hours
Marriott Blrm 7 : 3
A spider cave, and a wizard who will pay well for their eggs. But so will his sorceress rival. And someone else will pay to see the eggs destroyed. Wait, is this 13th Age or Fiasco?

RPG1352039 – Blood and Lightning (Fast and Furious Version) SOLD OUT
Saturday at 1:00 PM
2 hours
Marriott Blrm 7 : 3

RPG1352031 – Caverns & Cave-Creepers SOLD OUT
Saturday at 5:00 PM
2 hours
Marriott Blrm 7 : 6

RPG1352022 – Blood and Lightning (Fast and Furious Version) SOLD OUT
Sunday at 11:00 AM
2 hours
Marriott Blrm 7 : 5

Hail, raiders of the Gen Con high country!  To celebrate the launch of Hillfolk and its companion volume Blood on the Snow, we’ve arranged two signing events at the Pelgrane Press booth. We have so many contributors at the show that we’re going to be splitting our signers into two bunches.

On Thurs Aug 15th at 3 pm swing by to grab autographs from such tentatively scheduled luminaries as Jennifer Brozek, Steve Dempsey, Dave Gross, Rob Heinsoo, Ryan Macklin, Michelle Nephew and illustrator Rachel A. Kahn.

Then come back on Sun Aug 18th at 11 am for the cuneiform stylings of Keith Baker, Emily Care Boss, Steven S. Long, TS Luikart, Andy Peregrine, Wade Rockett and Pedro Ziviani.

The Pelgrane Booth has moved to bigger digs this year, and is now #101, across from our fine pals at Paizo.

I’ll be there for both events, and around the booth for much of the rest of the time. As always I’ll be happy to deface any of my books, new or old, for you.

Many other contributors are at the show but unable to make this event. This will not prevent you from suavely bushwhacking and/or waylaying them as they perform their duties at booths elsewhere on the exhibit hall floor.

Kickstarter backers will recall that they can arrange ahead of time to pick up their books at the show. And of course there will be copies on sale for those of you who did not join us for the campaign back in October.

This post covers all things GenCon 2013.

Collect your books at GenCon

First I say to you Collect At GenCon! Preorder your books from the Pelgrane Store, paste COLLECT@GENCON into the voucher field at the bottom of the store page. Use your usual address. You won’t get charged shipping.

If you order 4 or more products, you’ll automatically get the Pelgrane convention 4 for 3 offer, and it will calculate the best price for you. Bring your order number and id to the stand and will give you your order. This offer does not apply to existing orders – we can’t unprocess orders you’ve already placed.


Where Are We?

This will be the biggest ever GenCon for Pelgrane Press, Fire Opal Media and ProFantasy Software. We are opposite the Paizo stand here on stand 101. Stand guests include Rob Heinsoo, Kenneth Hite, Robin D Laws, Steve Dempsey, Paula Dempsey, Chris Huth and Rachel Kahn, who will be happy to chat to you and sign things.


Games, Games, Games and Seminars

We’ll be running demos on the stand, but we have a lot of officially sanctioned events, and representation at Games on Demand.

There is a GUMSHOE seminar, a 13th Age seminar  and lots of Pelgrane games.  We could really do with some more more GMs – so contact us for more details.

 New Releases

Newly minted and fresh out at GenCon will be eight

13th Age logoMAYDAY: Two of our Gen Con volunteer GMs had to cancel their con plans. That’s 14 hours of 13th Age gaming that won’t happen, unless heroic GMs step up to take over their slots.

If you can help, please email!

In return for your help we can offer swag, and a chance to hobnob with our designers — including a daily GM huddle with Rob Heinsoo.

This GenCon was definitely the best I’ve attended in very many respects. First, the con itself was packed, and the atmosphere was very upbeat. I was concerned that the absence of many creator-owned publishers might have affected this, but the residue of their presence (Games on Demand, for example) meant that their good work continues.

GenCon 2011 (by Ralf Schemmann)Second, Pelgrane had a stellar array of booth occupants. First we had Beth Lewis, who transformed the look of the booth, with a smaller demo table and large card displays which gave the demo area a dual purpose. Wire racks displays for Pelgrane and ProFantasy made both booths look more professional, and made a better use of space. Both printers (Taylor and Thomson Shore) came through, with Ashen Stars, Dead Rock 7 and Out of Time all present as planned. The GeoFern charge of $265 drayage for the 100 Ashens Stars stung, but steeled us to sell more copies.

Robin Laws spent much of his GenCon behind the Pelgrane booth, with appearances by Ken, whose brash American ways and gift for elegant précis shifted many books. Beth was also a good upseller, with a number of customers walking away dazed, wondering how their purchase of a copy of Esoterrorists turned into a 4 for 3 bundle. I designated the area behind the Pelgrane stand an American zone, and attempted to channel the colonial spirit of free enterprise and brazen commerciality, to limited success. Apparently “man up” has three a’s, and “conflab” is not an American word.

Paula Dempsey signed and promoted her book, the Investigator’s Guide to Occult London, and is now officially one of the talent. We took a more ad hoc approach to demoing, and Steve Dempsey ran many short demos for Trail of Cthulhu and Ashen Stars. We have to thank Kevin Kulp for the Ashen Stars demo game which he ran for us on Wednesday, and we appropriated. Kevin ran other longer Ashen Stars games – we know, because the players came to the stand and bought the book.

Graham “Walminator” Walmsley left us with the beautiful Stealing Cthulhu print copies of his Purist adventures and his other books, then flitted from booth to booth surrounded by adoring fans like a Justin Bieber’s red-headed uncle.

I only had a brief time alone behind the stand (half an hour or so on Saturday) – there is something about a single person behind a booth which is like gamer Kryptonite, or maybe it’s just me, but the rest of the time we were so busy, we didn’t get much of a chance to chat. Robin and I did devise “inappropriate dungeon” in a lull, but I’d better explain that one in person.

It was great to meet all our customers, and a far greater proportion of visitors to the stand already knew what GUMSHOE is and were really asking about the difference in iterations so they could pick the right setting for them. Robin, Ken and I ran a GUMSHOE seminar, and for the first time, the majority of people in the audience were already GUMSHOE GMs, and were asking useful questions which resulted from actual play. It was interesting that the panel members’ perspectives of investigative games differed, so we were able to give a broader range of advice. Steve and Paula noticed a big flurry of sales after the panel, so we must have done something right. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to record the session.

There were still a few people who equated “not having to roll” with “investigation is too easy in GUMSHOE” and “the idea of GUMSHOE seems railroady” but they are few and far between now.

We sold all of Stealing Cthulhu, most of the Ashen Stars, more Trail of Cthulhu than last year, sold through Mutant City Blues (which appears to be regaining momentum)  and lots of Bookhounds, too. Out of Time and DR7 also sold very well. Sales of all products were up, and our sales total was double last year’s, which is amazing.

(c)2011 Roberto Micheri

(c)2011 Roberto Micheri

Beth picked up an ENnie for Cartography for Bookhounds, and I want to give a shout out to the yog-sothoth forum volunteers who helped us compile the index. Next year, we’ll be submitting ProFantasy products as well, because the irony of Pelgrane winning cartography was just too much.

I talked to Jason Walters, who has big plans for IPR over the next year; Ron Edwards, who bemoaned his lack of technical nous in getting his books out in PDF form (any volunteers?); Luke Crane, who showed me how to walk like an American; Michelle Nephew who was there sans John and twins; Will Hindmarch and Jeff Tidball, whose shiny little faces give me hope for the future of the industry; and was very happy to talk to proactive retailers who signed up both to Bits and Mortar and the Ashen Stars Game Preview Event.

Swag was limited by luggage allowance, but I grabbed The One Ring, Free Market, Spione, Cliffourd the Big Red God, Cthulhu Gloom, some M&M and Eclipse Phase supplements.

Finally, big thanks to all the GMs who ran GUMSHOE and other Pelgrane games at GenCon; next year, we’ll try to get even more on the books.

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We are away for GenCon, returning on Monday 8th August. All mail orders will be shipped out on Tuesday, though PDF versions will be available as usual within minutes. We will be in intermittent email contact.

Ralf of ProFantasy has created some posters for GenCon…


This year at GenCon, Pelgrane Press will be hosting a seminar on Investigative Gaming and the GUMSHOE system (SEM1118992).

A panel discussion with Kenneth Hite, Robin D Laws and Simon Rogers on the GUMSHOE gaming system, specifically unravelling the mysteries around investigative gaming, tackling the issues of railroading and demystifying the clue-driven RPG.

Start Date & Time: Friday at 3:00 PM
Duration: 1 hours
Location: Marriott : Indiana Bllrm F

To book a ticket, please register through the GenCon Registration site, then ‘Find Events’ on the left side panel, then either search for GUMSHOE or copy and paste the Game ID – SEM1118992.

Tickets are going fast, we hope to see you all there!

logo_indyWe’re determined to make this years GenCon our best yet, we’ve got some great new products coming out, namely Bookhounds of London and Ashen Stars, and we want to showcase them in all their glory. We need GMs to run games which will appear in the GenCon program book. To anyone who hosts an event with one of our games we will show our gratitude by giving money-off vouchers to the GM for use at the Con. We’ll also publicise your game. Just let us know as soon as you’ve submitted an event.

The system for setting up games through the GenCon website is pretty straightforward.

  1. Go to the GenCon website and if you haven’t already, register.
  2. On the GenCon Reg page, after you’ve logged in, you will see on the right of the screen ‘Submit an Event’
  3. Fill in the form, click Submit at the bottom.
  4. Finished!

The deadline for submitting events is the 11th March, a full timetable and loads of advice can be found here and a very comprehensive list of FAQs can be found here. We are happy to supply convention scenarios for whichever Pelgrane game you decide to run. If you would like to do this, please email me with details of your event once it’s been submitted or if you have any other questions at all. Once you have registered and had approval for your event, we’re happy to send the vouchers out before the convention.