01LootEven as I write this, the indefatigable Chris Huth toils into the Canadian night, putting the finishing touches to The Book of Loot, our upcoming compendium of new magic items for 13th Age. The book’s crammed full of wonderful treasures and potent creations of sorcery, along with several items that we ourselves call out as utterly unforgivable puns.

Not every item written made it into the book for one reason or another. Some were cut for thematic reasons, others for balance. Here’s one that fell early on, on grounds of complexity. It’s an Epic-tier item associated primarily with the Emperor icon.


Chessboard of the Ages: There is no mistaking this item; the board of onyx and marble, and the gold and ruby playing pieces are described in songs and sagas from previous ages. However, the pieces are subtly different each time – the pawns change to resemble the allies and enemies of the chessboard’s bearer, while the features of the Icons of the Age appear on the other pieces.

When you first take possession of the chessboard, the GM gives the role of your opponent to some rival, ongoing villain or even an enemy Icon (GM: roll relationship dice if you want). Usually, it’s the Lich King or Orc Lord. You have the opening move. Once per battle, you may ‘move’ by activating one of the chess pieces as a free action. Each piece has a different ability. You may use each ability once per piece (so, you can use the pawn power eight times total in your life, most of the other powers twice ever, and the king and queen powers once each). A piece disappears when used.

Unlike most magic items, the chessboard doesn’t have a recharge value. Once you use a power, you can’t activate any of the chess pieces again until your opponent takes a move (or until your opponent voluntarily forfeits the chance to use a power – see the King, below, for why that might be a good option)

The powers possessed by the chess pieces are:

  • Pawn: One nearby ally may take an extra standard action in their next turn or heal using a recovery as a free action.
  • Rook: Cast teleport (as the wizard spell) to travel to any stronghold or flee from a battle without incurring a campaign loss
  • Knight: Gain three paladin talents with all associated feats until the end of a battle or call a legendary hero to aid you for one battle
  • Bishop: Cast any one Divine spell of up to ninth level or automatically succeed at any one skill check, no matter the difficulty
  • Queen: Either copy the powers of any  other chess piece remaining on your board (other than the king) or sacrifice the queen to remove any one piece possessed by your opponent, other than the king.
  • King: You may only use the king’s power if you have at least twice as many pieces left as your opponent, and your opponent has suffered a significant defeat in the real world outside the chess game. When you use it, the chess game ends and the chessboard vanishes. However, your opponent is magically compelled to perform one task for you as a forfeit for losing the game. You may specify the task as you wish, and the opponent must obey.

Quirk: You share your opponent’s dreams while playing. 

I may be mad – no, I am mad – but I can count. Eight pieces for good, eight for evil, that makes sixteen. But they say there are but thirteen Icons in the Empire. Who are the other three? Or do some play both sides, like the treacherous harlots they are?

-        Erach, crazed preacher


13th Age answers the question, “What if Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, lead designers of the 3rd and 4th editions of the World’s Oldest RPG, had free rein to make the d20-rolling game they most wanted to play?” Create truly unique characters with rich backgrounds, prepare adventures in minutes, easily build your own custom monsters, and enjoy fast, freewheeling battles full of unexpected twists. Purchase 13th Age in print and PDF at the Pelgrane Shop.


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There’s big excitement this month with the release of the pre-order of 13 True Ways for 13th Age. The phone has never rang so much here in the office! After a long wait, the PDF is now available to pre-orderers on their order link, and it’s off to the printers, too. We’ve released a few 13th Age Core Rules Limited Editions. Read more here.

KWAS subscribers are in for a treat with two new giant editions on their order page, GUMSHOE Zoom Voodoo 2: The Invisibles, and also next month’s edition, Hideous Creatures: Serpent Folk. This means that they’re now getting their subscription a month in advance – starting in July, subscribers will get the next month’s edition on the last working day of the previous month.

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13th Age

13th Age Resource page updates

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dreamlands_logoA German filmmaker has adopted a very special genre: The legendary Dreamlands stories of H.P. Lovecraft.

The crowdfunding campaign to finance Huan Vu’s new fantasy film started out with great success. Over 44,000€ were raised by IndieGoGo and crowdinvest in the first days. That beat even the expectations of the team. Filmfans can join the crowdfunding on IndieGoGo until 3rd August 2014, where they can get attractive rewards and will help Huan Vu’s vision come true.

“Lovecraft’s stories have influenced the work of many authors and filmmakers like the novels of Stephen King and David Lynch’s cult TV show Twin Peaks. But there are only a few films which base directly on Lovecraft’s work”, says director Huan Vu. The German filmmaker studied at the “Stuttgart Media University“ and has created „Die Farbe“, an award winning film based on Lovecraft’s story “The Colour Out Of Space”. “Die Farbe” was shot on a very tight budget. Vu’s new film will be a more elaborate production. The team wants to raise the needed €155,000 (about USD 211,000/ GBP 126,000) with crowdfunding. “The Dreamlands” is based on several Lovecraft stories, the “Dream Cycle”.

The film will be made with complex visual effects and will be shot in English. This creates an easier access to the international market and makes is possible to work with well-known actors.

“The funding of such a project is still a problem in Germany. Under normal circumstances, genre films like this are difficult to create within the German film industry”, explains Vu and adds: “The international Lovecraft Fandom gives us a good foundation from where we can build up our project.”

The needed money will be raised using two different crowdfunding systems. On the one hand the team uses the crowdfunding platform “IndieGoGo”, where backers will get rewards like T-shirts and the final film on DVD or Blu-ray. On the other hand there is an investment model where supporters can invest higher amounts, starting at €250.00 (about USD 340/GBP 203). At the end the investors will get a profit-sharing if the project is successful. The investment-model is made for people who would like to spend bigger amounts of money on “The Dreamlands”.

The author Howard Phillips Lovecraft was born 1890 in Providence, Rhode Island where he also died in 1937. He is known as one of the most influencing authors in the fantasy- and horror-genre. His way to create tension by confronting his characters with unexplainable phenomena still gathers a huge fan-base. “I always had the feeling that those unique stories must be brought on the silver screen. So I decided to fulfil this dream with my effort for “The Dreamlands”, says Vu.

If the funding is successful the shooting for “The Dreamlands” will start in 2015.

“The Dreamlands” on IndieGoGo.

“The Dreamlands” on the web.


Dice imageIf you are interested any of these games, please email me with the game you wish to playtest in the subject line.



Your Dead Eyes My Mirror

System: Fear Itself

Author: Karl Vezina

Duration: Two sessions

Deadline: July 31st


Chicago, 1975. The age of the grindhouse in the decaying downtown. A group of friends attend a grindhouse showing of a controversial giallo on its closing night. A savage murder occurs during the showing, amid electrical disturbances and supernatural phenomena.

The following days bring fresh horror, as the patrons discover that they are trapped in a surreal world mirroring the horrific film they saw. And something in that surreal world is stalking them, something methodical and unrelenting. Something that makes them all watch while it kills them one by one. Can the patrons find a way to fight back before they fall victim to a faceless terror or go mad from the horrors they are forced to witness?



System: Esoterrorists 2nd Edition

Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

Duration: 1 session

Deadline: July 15th


An infamous Esoterrorist just got picked up by the police of a small town in the middle of nowhere. You’ve got to collect him and babysit him until the Ordo Veritatis can extract him for interrogation. You know that he’s part of a cell of dangerous, power-obsessed would-be sorcerers – can you keep your prisoner alive until tomorrow?


Truth & Reconciliation

System: Ashen Stars

Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

Duration: 1 session

Deadline: July 15th


Seven years ago, the Mohilar War ended. No-one can remember who the Mohilar were, or how they were defeated; the only testaments to their existence were the ravaged planets and shattered fleets left in their wake. The once-mighty Combine is still trying to pull itself out of the ashes. You’re Lasers – Licensed Autonomous Zone Effectuators, freelance police – and you’ve been hired to make sure that negotiations to rebuild the broken world of Demeter aren’t interrupted by local reactionaries and troublemakers. The war’s over; it’s time to build a new future.

This will be a short Pelgrane’s Nest – the fledgings are demanding fresh freelancer flesh (say that three times quickly!).

The 13th Age work flow is now established, with the Bestiary printed, 13 True Ways on preorder, and two others in layout. Ken Hite has written much more than we expected for  his latest KWAS Voodoo 2 and done the same with Hideous Creatures: Serpent Folk, so the subcription becomes even better value. The collection of Ken’s first 13 KWAS issues is available as a single download from the store.

More Content for Pelgrane Press – Project Shakespeare Monkeys

With magical PR chap Wade Rockett’s help, we’ve devised a social media calendar. We’ve been sticking to this schedule for a solid month now and it’s going well – from your perspective, is simply means regular articles from Robin, Ken, Gareth and the Fire Opalites which we then wrap up into Page XX for our monthly visitors. In particular, it means extra snippets of content from Robin to spice up your games, including the lines of ours which need more love such as Mutant City Blues and The Dying Earth.

13th Age

The 13 True Ways print version is available for preorder – get the PDF download now. Kickstarter backers have their PDF already, and we’ll get you an update on the other Kickstarter goodies soon. I am particularly excited about the six new classes, and can’t wait to play the Occulist – unique in that if you play it – you are actually the only one in the entire world. I’ve scratched together some pages to create a sampler you can download here.

The 13th Age Bestiary is en route to our shipping points – those lucky Fire Opalites already have their copies. We’ve sent out the address change request to Bestiary customers, and I hope the Bestiaries will be shipping on Friday. Limited editions won’t be out for a while.

Chris Huth has moved from 13 True Ways layout to Shadows of Eldolan, and then The Book of Loot (you can see a sample of Loot here). We hope to have both of these at GenCon.

The Eyes of the Stone Thief is progressing – here is a sample of Herwin Wielink’s cartography.


Trail of Cthulhu

Soldiers of Pen and Ink now has cover art in the style of Spanish Civil War posters. It will be a 72-page mini-campaign available in print format.

Dulce et Decorum Est, our Great War collection has been printed and will ship to pre-orderers at the end of July.

Mythos Expeditions has been copy edited, and is waiting on layout.. Here is a double-page spread.


Ken Writes About Stuff Subscription

Ken has been rather over-excited in the past two or three months and has written much more more than he was supposed to for Voodoo 1, Voodoo 2 and Serpent Folk – the lastest releases of KWAS. For this reason, we have increased the cost of those individual episodes. However, the cost of the subscription will remain the same, at least for now – so it’s exceptional value. The more subscribers we have, the more all subscribers benefit with extra content at no extra charge – it’s like a Kickstarter in that respect. This month, subscribers are getting both Voodoo 2 and Hideous Creatures: Serpent Folk on their order links so that they will now have a month in hand.

For those of you who missed out, the first year’s subscription is available as a single volume from the store.

The Rest

Gar has mainly been working with Rob on polishing up The Book of Loot; he’s also produced a list of suggestions for Fear Itself 2nd Edition which will change it so it better suits the specific genres for which it is designed, with campaign frames for different styles of horror game.

The Gaean Reach and The Gaean Reach Gazetteer have been printed and will ship to pre-orderers at the end of July.

Better Know a Freelancer – Robin D Laws

Robin D Laws wrote The Dying Earth, the GUMSHOE system, the Gaean Reach and DramaSystem. He created The Birds comic strip writes fiction and critical analyis and has access to Canadian ice wine.

Robin D Laws. Say that name, savour it, then read on. Don’t say it three times while looking in a mirror though, unless you want a mildly irritated Canadian in your bathroom. (This also works for Rob Ford, but you have to use a horizontal mirror lined with white powder). Robin D Laws is a game design powerhouse. To use a coding reference, if Ken writes source code for GUMSHOE, then Robin wrote the GUMSHOE compiler – he’s that badass. He annoys a few people with his game design innovations, and “transforms the way I game” with a bunch of others. Eventually though, it’s like “I was doing that stuff all along.”

Who, though, is the fool? The game designer who annoys people, or the publisher who pays him to annoy them? (This probably sounds better in Latin).

Aside from the quality of his work, my experience working with him on The Dying Earth gave me falsely high expectations of professionalism in the industry. Well, thank you for that. As a Canadian, he is ideally suited to his role of official translator between American English and English.

We didn’t quite burn him out with Hillfolk, but he needed some time to refersh with other projects and publishers, though he still produced a 13th Age adventure and monthly Page XX columns for us. He did all of this whilst knocking out a second edition of Feng Shui with all the latest gaming technology and produces half of a droll and award-winning podcast Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, which is released on time with terrifying efficiency – all the more extraordinary considering his co-host.

Now Robin D Laws, with his “Robin’s Laws of Gaming” hat on has written Getting Started with Tabletop Roleplaying Games. Read a sample here.  He is knee deep in the outer black at work on his Esoterrorists campaign which will be shattering your brain towards the end of the year. As I mentioned above you may also have also have noticed more articles on our website by Robin D Laws – each one a polished stone of inspiration your GUMSHOE games.

“Robin D Laws, Robin D Laws, Robin D Laws. Ah, there you are. You have my ice wine, I hope?”


13th Age at Origins 2014Many thanks to our GM team and all the players who attended our games at Origins this year. We sold out of all of our games, and even squeezed in some walk-ups in the scheduled games. Kendall Jung did an amazing job of managing our play events at the show. Onward to Gen Con!

Free RPG Day

Make Your Own Luck, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan’s prequel to the upcoming Eyes of the Stone Thief campaign, is our contribution to this year’s Free RPG Day — you can get it on Saturday, June 21 at your nearest participating game retailer. We’ve heard that some stores are giving GMs their copies in advance so they can run the adventure on the day of release, so you might want to ring up your local store and see if they’ve scheduled a play event.

(Because some folks have asked: Free RPG Day is a retailer-sponsored event created to support game stores, so we’re not giving away PDF copies of the game.)

Make Your Own Luck: Live Play Crossover Event!

In much the same way that Nick Fury assembled the Avengers, for Free RPG Day we’ve assembled a team of players to play Make Your Own Luck via Google Hangout and Roll20 on Saturday, June 21st at 3:00 PM EST / noon Pacific:

Join us live on Aaron’s YouTube channel on Saturday, and watch the mayhem unfold.

Upcoming Adventures

Domain of the Dwarf King will go live soon. At Rob Heinsoo’s request it features a dwarf centipede. (I guess I know what Dutch horror movie Rob watched last night.)

Domain of the Dwarf King concludes the Orc War trilogy, and will see the final defeat of General Gul. Or not — that’s up to the adventurers.

The next big Organized Play installment after Domain of the Dwarf King is the first of our champion-tier games: Escape from the Diabolist’s Dungeon!

State of Play

We’e now up to 1186 GMs running Tales of the 13th Age worldwide, on every continent except Antarctica. If you know anybody in an Antarctic research station who wants a copy of 13th Age let us know!

trailofcthulhu300wideIn all GUMSHOE games, there’s a benefit for having 8 rating points in Athletics – your Hit Threshold rises by 1. Night’s Black Agents expanded this to all General Abilities – if you invest eight of your precious build points in a particular ability, you get a cherry, a special ability that shows off your mastery in that field.

So, for your high-octane Pulp games, here’s a bunch of Cthulhuoid cherries that don’t overlap with the various occupation special abilities.

Conceal: Trap Sense

You may spend Conceal when making a Sense Trouble test if the potential threat is a concealed trap or other hidden environmental peril, like an overgrown pit or impending cave-in.

Disguise: Alternate Identity

You’ve established a whole other life for yourself, complete with friends, possessions, documentation – possibly even a home and family. This alternate persona must have a lower Credit Rating than your main identity (unless you’ve been masquerading as someone else since the start of the campaign). A Disguise rating of 8+ gets you one alternate identity; you can purchase more for 4 experience points each).

Driving: Drive-By Shootout

You’re adept at lining up shots for your passengers when they’re shooting out the window. (We won’t ask which mob outfit you were working for when you learned that trick). You may transfer up to 4 Driving points to your passenger’s Firearms pools at the start of a car chase. Unspent points are lost when the chase ends.

Electrical Repair: Alien Insight

Your intuitive understanding of electricity and magnetism gives you an insight into devices far beyond the paltry technology of humanity. You may spend 4 Electrical Repair to activate an alien device, like a Mi-Go brain cylinder or Yithian lightning gun. You only guess at how to turn the thing on, not what it does or how to properly control it.

Explosives: One Last Stick

You can spend Explosive points on Preparedness tests to obtain dynamite or similar explosives.

Filch: Here’s One I Stole Earlier

With a Filch rating of 8+, once per investigation, you may declare you stole something retroactively from a previous scene. You need to get into the mansion’s boathouse to flee the rampaging shoggoth? Well, it just so happens that you picked the groundkeeper’s pockets earlier on, and here’s the very key you need. You still need to make a Filch test to actually acquire whatever you want to unexpectedly produce.

Firearms: Nerves of Steel

Difficulty numbers for your Firearms tests aren’t affected by being Shaken.

First Aid: Sawbones

A First Aid Rating of 8 or more gives 1 free point in either Medicine or Pharmacy, player’s choice.

Fleeing: Blackout

Once per adventure, when you fail a Fleeing test or are about to be consumed by some other horror, you may declare that you black out. When you wake up, you’re somewhere safe. You have no idea how you escaped or where you are now, and may have dropped items or abandoned fellow investigators to some horrible fate. But you’re alive, and that’s something.

Hypnosis: Mesmerize

You may attempt to use hypnotism on subjects who aren’t actively willing to be hypnotized. Your subject must still be somewhat open to your influence – you could hypnotize someone that you’re in conversation with, or the doorman at a club, but you couldn’t hypnotize the mugger who’s about to rob you, or the cultist who’s intent on sacrificing you to some alien god. Increase the Difficulty of any hypnotism tests using this ability by +2 (so, putting someone into a trance without their co-operation is Difficulty 5; planting false memories is Difficulty 7).

Mechanical Repair: Give It A Kick

Once per adventure, you may make a Mechanical Repair roll instantly. You could kick a plane’s engine back to life as it falls from the sky, or unjam a machine gun with one solid whack.

Piloting: There’s Always A Plane

Once per adventure, you may ask the Keeper to introduce an aircraft of some description that you can fly with this ability. Maybe it’s your own plane, and you’ve flew out or had it shipped out. Maybe it’s someone else’s aircraft you can borrow, or a crashed plane that’s repairable. Maybe the cultists have a zeppelin-temple. In any event, there’s always a plane nearby that you can use/borrow/steal over the course of the adventure.

Preparedness: Expedition Planning

If you have time to prepare and pack for any sort of expedition, then you bring enough for everyone. When you succeed at a Preparedness test to obtain an item, you may spend one extra point to have one of those items for everyone in the group. For example, if you use Preparedness to declare you’ve got an electric lamp, then you can spend an extra point to give everyone else a similar lamp too.

Psychoanalysis: Insight

A Psychoanalysis Rating of 8 or more gives one free point in Reassurance or Assess Honesty (player’s choice).

Riding: Ride the Flying Polyp

You can ride anything, including Mythos mounts like shantaks. Even better, if a creature is introduced to you as a mount and you only use it for riding, then any Stablility losses for seeing the creature are reduced by 2.

Scuffling: The Old One Two

You may make an extra Scuffling attack per round, as long as you hit with your first attack. Your extra attack costs a number of Scuffling points equal to the result of the damage die (so, if you roll a 2, that’s 2 Scuffling points for another swing).

Sense Trouble: Quick Reflexes

If you overspend on a successful Sense Trouble test, you get those points back as a pool that can only be spent on Athletics, Fleeing, Firearms, Scuffling or Weapons tests in the first round of combat or in tests immediately related to the trouble you sensed. The maximum size of this pool is equal to the number of Sense Trouble points spent. For example, say the Difficulty to sense a lurking Deep One is 5. You spend 3 Sense Trouble and roll a 4, for a total of 7, beating the Difficulty by 2. You get 2 points back that you must spend immediately on attacking or escaping the monster.

If you’d rolled a 6, you’d have beaten the Difficulty by 4, but you’d still only get 3 points back.

Shadowing: In Over Your Head

Whenever you have to make a Sense Trouble roll while shadowing someone, you gain 2 points in a pool that can be spent on Evidence Collection, Locksmith, Disguise, Filch or Stealth. You lose any unspent points in this pool when you stop shadowing the target and turn back, or are discovered.

Stealth: Stay Here

As long as someone follows your explicit instructions, they can piggyback (as per the rules on page 57) on your Stealth tests even when you’re not present. So, if you tell a fellow investigator to hide in the undergrowth and keep crawling until they reach the road, they can piggyback on your Stealth tests if they do exactly what you told them to do.

Weapons: Favorite Weapon

Pick your favorite melee weapon. You draw strength and courage from its familiar heft in your hand. Once per adventure, you may gain 4 Stability from drawing or brandishing your weapon. With this sword by your side, there’s nothing you can’t handle.

Trail of Cthulhu is an award-winning 1930s horror roleplaying game by Kenneth Hite, produced under license from Chaosium. Whether you’re playing in two-fisted Pulp mode or sanity-shredding Purist mode, its GUMSHOE system enables taut, thrilling investigative adventures where the challenge is in interpreting clues, not finding them. Purchase Trail of Cthulhu and its many supplements and adventures in the Pelgrane Shop.

Page XX logo

You may have noticed additional activity on the website this month, with more regular columns from Robin D. Laws, Kenneth Hite and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, as well as a monthly update on what’s happening over at the Stone Skin Press site – currently pairing tasty beverages to short stories. We’ve rounded up the month’s articles below in case you missed any, and included Simon’s latest View from the Pelgrane’s Nest.

As well as adding new content to the website, we’ve been pulling together some great new products. With the centenary of World War 1 nearly upon us, Dulce et Decorum Est: Great War Trail of Cthulhu is now available for pre-order. Containing three adventures as well as an extensive campaign frame for running Trail of Cthulhu during the Great War, it’s a fantastic resource for any World War 1 game. We’ve also got the whopping great first installment of Kenneth Hite’s latest KWAS, GUMSHOE Zoom: Voodoo 1 – Magic, with new rules for introducing voodoo magic into your GUMSHOE game. And we’ve got the latest Series Pitch of the Month – Robin D. Laws’ Art and Murder – available through the Series Pitch of the Month subscription.

New Releases


13th Age

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There has a lot of work on big projects this month – art and maps – and the first layout samples for 13 True Ways, which looks amazing.

New Releases: As Ken Writes About Stuff enters its second year with a double dose of Voodoo, we release KWAS Volume 1 – the first 13 episodes – as a stand-alone product. In this, the centenary of the Great War, we release Dulce et Decorum Est, a collection of Mythos-themed scenarios set in the skies, sea and in the trenches of those terrible years. The Series Pitch of the Month for DramaSystem is Art and Murder by Mr DramaSystem himself Robin D Laws.

A few copies of the Bestiary signed and numbered faux leather limited edition are available for preorder from the special order page. It includes a colour print of the Baby Owlbear and Bronze golem picture.

13th Age

Unaviodable delays mean it’s touch and go if 13 True Ways will make GenCon but we are pulling out all the stops, and Chris Huth is laying out as final text comes in, chapter-by-chapter rather than waiting for the whole thing. I’d not seen much more than backers have of this project, so when I got the layout draft  I was very happy that the wait was worthwhile. And the new character classes are eye-opening – in particular Jonathan Tweet’s twisted vision of a metamagical manipulator means that if you play the Occultist, you are the only one in the entire world.

We’ll put in on pre-order the moment we see the laid out final version.

13TrueWaysThe 13th Age Bestiary is ready to ship from the printers to mail order locations, and the Bestiary limited edition  is available from the special order page. We are using a new printer for the Bestiary, so I was nervous when I received the proof, but the paper stock is just as shiny, and the colours are as rich and vibrant as I’d hoped. If you haven’t bought it, you’ll get the fully laid out final now, and the print version in a month or so.

Shadows of Eldolan

I featured art direction on this project here.  Par Lindstrom is a cartographer who works with Campaign Cartographer 3 and PhotoShop, and he has used Mike Schley’s symbols from the ProFantasy symbol set The Dungeons of Schley to create maps for the Shadows of Eldolan such as this:


Eyes of the Stone Thief is in art direction, with Gar putting together sketch maps for Herwin Wielink the cartographer. The Book of Loot and Shards of the Broken Sky await Rob’s eyes, and Cal Moore has submitted an example for an icon themed encounter book code named dungeon delve.


Cat Tobin has been developing our convention presence, along side ASH LAW, and we have a physical presence at a much wider selection of conventions, both running games and selling books. Cat will be at Games Expo and Origins and ASH was at MisCon last weekend along with Pelgrane regular artist David Lewis Johnson. All the Gen Con Pelgrane games are booked out, and we are booking in more. We are looking for more GMs to run games at Gen Con and Pax Prime – email Cat if you are available.  Gar has now written convention / organised play scenarios for all our GUMSHOE games, and theylre available for playtesting this month.

Trail of Cthulhu

Adam Gauntlett’s Dulce et Decorum Est is a Great War campaign frame for Trail of Cthuhlu which features one of his current adventures (Sisters of Sorrow) and two new ones. Sisters of Sorrow customers have been sent a voucher for this.

We are making long term plans for a second edition of Trail of Cthulhu, which we will kickstart, but I can’t see this happening this year.

Soldiers of Pen and Ink is currently being laid out.

Mythos Expeditions is waiting on editing and some maps.

Dreamhounds of Paris is in art direction. Dreamhounds of Paris was conceived by Robin D. Laws as a Dreamlands setting I would actually enjoy (I’m not a great fan of the Dreamlands), where you play actual, historical surrealists in Paris, who use their art to interact with the dreamscape. I’d love to play this, but it’s on a long list of other games the group wants to try. I am hoping to get to try it IndieCon – any volunteers to run it?

Other Stuff

Ken continues with the Dracula Dossier and Dracula Unredacted. Gareth is working on a personal project which involves a semi-autonomous drone and its controllers. Kevin is working on the TimeWatch manuscript, while Rich Longmore delivers art. Accretion Disk for Ashen Stars should be in its final draft shortly. Gareth has begun work on Fear Itself 2nd Ed – we’ve been discussing potential campaign frames and custimisation. Robin has delivered his first draft of his introduction to gaming book, and has begun his world-spanning Esoterrorists campaign book. The Gaean Reach and the Gaean Reach Gazeteer appear to be cursed, with PDFs returned from the printer a couple of times, but we have resubmitted them and hope to have them printed in the next month or so.


Dice imageIf you are interested any of these games, please email me with the game you wish to playtest in the subject line.



Eyes of the Stone Thief

System: 13th Age

Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

Duration: 1-2 sessions

Deadline: June 30th


There’s one Living Dungeon out there that’s different, one that’s unique. It doesn’t claw its way blindly to the surface, to survive or perish as fate dictates. This dungeon is awake, aware, and cunning like some wild beast made of stone and iron.

It’s called the Stone Thief.

It hates you.

And it’s going to destroy people and things you love until you hate it too.

And then one or the other of you will have to die.

Voices from the Other Side

System: Trail of Cthulhu

Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

Duration: 1 session

Deadline: June 30th


The Lochmann Psychical Trust’s mission is to find proof of the supernatural, but so far they’ve found only charlatans who prey on the vulnerable and deluded of 1930s London. Tonight, they will attend a seance performed by a young medium, Sarah Hill. She claims to have genuine powers – is she another con artist, or has she really opened a door to the beyond?


System: Esoterrorists 2nd Edition

Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

Duration: 1 session

Deadline: June 30th


An infamous Esoterrorist just got picked up by the police of a small town in the middle of nowhere. You’ve got to collect him and babysit him until the Ordo Veritatis can extract him for interrogation. You know that he’s part of a cell of dangerous, power-obsessed would-be sorcerers – can you keep your prisoner alive until tomorrow?

Truth & Reconciliation

System: Ashen Stars

Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

Duration: 1 session

Deadline: June 30th


Seven years ago, the Mohilar War ended. No-one can remember who the Mohilar were, or how they were defeated; the only testaments to their existence were the ravaged planets and shattered fleets left in their wake. The once-mighty Combine is still trying to pull itself out of the ashes. You’re Lasers – Licensed Autonomous Zone Effectuators, freelance police – and you’ve been hired to make sure that negotiations to rebuild the broken world of Demeter aren’t interrupted by local reactionaries and troublemakers. The war’s over; it’s time to build a new future.

The Slow Boat

System: Night’s Black Agents

Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

Duration: 1 session

Deadline: June 30th


You learned that there are monsters pulling the strings of the world. Now, you hunt the undead, hoping to destroy the vampiric horrors that secretly rule humanity. You’ve damaged their conspiracy, thwarted their plans, but you’ve never gotten close to an actual vampire.
Now, you’ve got your hands on a vampire’s travel plans. You know where he’s going, and how he’s getting there. You’ve finally got the edge you need.

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