Our best intentions lay in ruins as we scramble, once again, to get all the books out for GenCon Indy. But our pain is your unalloyed pleasure, as we provide you with a slew of preorders and new releases for 13th Age, Trail and others. In addition, we have been nominated for a host of ENnie awards. Hideous Creatures: Serpent Folk is out now, and KWAS subscribers get Xeno-Archeology.

ENnie Awards

The ENnie Awards are an annual celebration of RPGs. Pelgrane has been nominated for a record 15 in all – and we would really appreciate you considering us in your rankings. Eternal Lies, 13th Age, Hillfolk Pelgrane Press, music  and Owl Hoot Trail have all been nominated – a full list is here, along with a sampler.

The voting booth is here.  You can rank as many or as few products as you like. Search for “Pelgrane” on the voting page to find all the noms.

ENnie awards mean so much more to publishers and creators than they do to customers. The recognition by carefully selected judges in the form of nominations against such a strong field is gratifying, and there are few greater pleasures than seeing shiney-faced writers and artists clutching their well deserved awards in their clammy hands. However, the journey from critical recogntion is tough, because it is a popularity contest, and this year the competition is partcularly strong – the armies of FATE and Numenara compete with Hillfolk and 13th Age, for example. We are honoured to be in their company.


Skip this if you aren’t going to GenCon.

This will be our biggest GenCon ever in terms of events, with more than 80 games booked in and more to follow, a big 13th Age announcement, seminars and at least nine new releases. Gareth Hanrahan and Steve Dempsey have written convention adventures and we’ll have a constellation of guests including Robin D Laws, Ken Hite, Gareth Hanrahan and Rob Heinsoo.

We are emailing all Shadows and Book of Loot pre-orderers to offer GenCon collection.

Scheduled Games and Games on Demand

You can see a list of scheduled games and seminars at GenCon here. New ones are being added all the time, but they fill up quickly.

If you are a GM it would be great if you could sign up for Games on Demand – a fantastic and growing initiative which allows people to sample a wide variety of RPGs for the first time. If you want to run Pelgrane games, then you can contact us to get convention scenarios for GUMSHOE, or ASH LAW for 13th Age games. Games on Demand encourage diversity (both in games and people), so it’s best if you are able to run a variety of games – if you only submit one game system you are liable to be rejected. If you are accepted, please let us know.

13th Age

Printer willing, 13 True Ways will be shipping out in early August.  All US Kickstarter backer books and pre-orderers will be shipped before GenCon and we think most of them will arrive before GenCon.  Kickstarter Backers and pre-orderers will be given the chance to collect at GenCon. Kickstarter backers will hear through the Kickstarter interface, preorderers will get an email.

Rest of the World backers and pre-orderers will be shipped across the Atlantic to be on shipped from the UK. To make up for the fact that some GenCon attendees will get copies before Rest of World backers, Rob Heinsoo is putting a little something exclusive together for Kickstarter.

I thought you might also like to see the cover for the forthcoming The Eyes of the Stone Thief by Ben Wootten.


The Gaean Reach

The Gaean Reach and Gaean Reach Gazeteer are set in Jack Vance’s sprawling, idiosyncractic SF milieu, and feature Vengeance In Space!

It feels like the Gaean Reach has been travelling at sublight speeds across interstellar distances, but it has finally arrived. Both books are available on pre-order.

Trail of Cthulhu and Fear ItselfSoldiers_of_Pen_and_Ink_Cover_400

Dulce et Decorum Est, adventures set in the Great War is out now and Soldiers of Pen and Ink and Mythos Expeditions will be on sale next month.

Dreamhounds is in art direction.

Seventh Circle, Matthew Sanderson’s creepy haunted house adventure for Fear Itself will on pre-order next month. It’s compatible with Trail of Cthulhu, too.

Esoterrorists, Ashen Stars and Night’s Black Agents

  • Robin Laws has started work on Worldbreaker, a globe-trotting set of linked Esoterrorists adventures. It has a very gruesome and disturbing prologue and gets worse  from there.
  • Accretion Disk for Ashen Starts is being illustrated.
  • Ken and Gar are working on Dracula Dossier and Unredacted Dracula for Night’s Black Agents for a Kickstarter later in the year. Ken discusses it here.
  • John Adamus has submitted a Night’s Black Agents adventure, The Dubai Reckoning for playtesting.
  • Steve Dempsey and Gareth Hanrahan have written convention adventures for all our GUMSHOE settings.



So much to talk about! In short – subscribe to KWAS 2, join up with 13th Age Organized Play and read about our array of forthcoming gaming goodness.

Ken Writes About Stuff AgainHC Dark Young_cover

The first year of Ken Writes About Stuff draws to a close. As an end-of-year treat, all KWAS issues are also available as eBooks, there is a free bonus issue and subscribers have been sent an email with a discount code for KWAS 2. Next month, KWAS 1 will be available as a bundle to non-subscribers.

The second annual KWAS is now available – opening up with Hideous Creatures: Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath.

We were a bit lax in getting KWAS and your KWAS emails out in the first year, and we didn’t want to repeat this, so Ken is producing two issues this month, so we always have an issue in hand. Starting from June 1st, we’ll aim get you your latest issue on the first working day of the month.

Organised Play

The 13th Age Organised Play run by ASH LAW, Wade Rockett and Jay Schneider has hit the amazing 1000-GM mark. To participate in the growing 13th Age community and get access to the free adventures, sign up here.

Inspired by this, and the result of our poll of 13th Age GMs which show a big cross-over between 13th Agers and GUMSHOE, we are looking at expanding this program to include other Pelgrane games. Step one is to produce a solid set of convention adventures, the first of which for Trail is in first draft. I’ll provide more details next month.

13th Age

The 13th Age Bestiary is with the printers, on target for a May / early June delivery date. Pre-order your copy now from the Pelgrane store. It’s available on Bits and Mortar, too, so you can pre-order it from your local retailer and get the PDF now.

The Bestiary limited edition is in the changing rooms at the boutique, trying out new outfits of faux leather colours and gold foil. The limited B will be up for preorder next month with Hatchling edition customers geting first dibs.

13 True Ways is finally in layout. We apologize for the extreme delay in getting this Kickstarted product out to you – we think it’s worth the wait. We’ll put in on pre-order this month. It’s touch and go if we’ll have it out in time for GenCon and Kickstarter backers come first. A non-laid out PDF version should be out with backers in the next couple of weeks.

For FreeRPGDay , Saturday 21st June, we’ll be releasing a new retail-exclusive adventure Make Your Own Luck. 3500 of these adventures will be distributed free in up to 700 hobby stores. Stores can sign up here  and you can find your nearest participating retailer here.freerpg

Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan is nursing the great whale that is The Eyes of the Stone Thief into the the deep waters of art direction; Rich Longmore, Anna Kryczkowska, Juha Makkonen and Pat Loboyko are doing the interior work, and Ben Wootten the cover.The Flesh Tailor

Cartographer Pär Lindstrom is producing maps for Shadows of Eldolan, and we have a first colour draft of the cover by Joshua Calloway here.

ASH LAW has delivered a draft of Shards of the Broken Sky, which Rob will look at when 13 True Ways is laid out.

The Book of Loot, a delicious collection of potent and quirky Icon-featured items is in first draft, also awaiting Rob’s seal of approval.

Ashen Stars, Night’s Black Agents, Fear Itself

Accretion Disk, the Ashen Stars expansion book is awaiting a little more content from Kevin Kulp. To keep the space juices flowing, here is Jerome’s cover.


With four episodes of KWAS and an HP Lovecraft Film Festival to attend as Guest of Honor, Ken has not had much chance to work on Night’s Black Agents material, but I’m expecting a solid update at the end of May.

Art is being done for Matthew Sanderson’s ghost-busting Fear Itself adventure The Seventh Circle by Martin Pikkaart.

P 52

Robin’s The Tabletop RPG Starter Guide or some other such title

Robin is writing an introductory to guide to Tabletop RPGs – his first stand-alone advice since the seminal Robin’s Laws of Gaming. I gather he knows what he is doing and it will be aces.

We are tossing around other ideas for Robin’s next project – a world-spanning Esoterrorist adventure and a Mutant City Blues expansion book are both possibilities. If you’ve read this far, let us know what you’d like to see.

Gaean Reach and The Dying Earth

The quotes for printing The Gaean Reach and The Gaean Reach Gazetteer have been stratospheric; we aren’t really sure why. I am sorry about the delay in getting it to you. We are looking at some other printers and arm-twisting our existing one and we’ll get it printed soon even if it hurts.

Thanks to the success of the Dying Earth Bundle of Holding, I’m looking at renewing my Vancean licenses.

Trail of Cthulhu

Dulce et Decorum Est: Great War Trail of Cthulhu is nearly ready for prerelease.

Melissa Gay is finishing up the art for Soldiers of Pen and Ink, and has been discovering a love of propaganda posters.

The final pieces of Mythos Expeditions art are being revised and then all that will be left are the expedition maps. Pär will be working on those after he has finished with Shadows over Eldolan for 13th Age. It’s much more art-heavy than usual, with images of pretty much every NPC.

Dreamhounds of Paris has received a once-over from 7éme Cercle, and is in art direction.