The GUMSHOE System News

The latest releases, offers, and forthcoming projects

May 2009

Take part in the new Esoterrorists Competition, can you put yourself in the mindset of an investigator for the Ordo Veritatis and unlock all the clues?

January 2008

  • Our product range is available from the Indie Press Revolution webstore.
  • Albion's Ransom, a new Esoterrorists adventure is now available from the webstore.
  • Six Packed, a fastplay Esoterrorists adventure is now available from the webstore.

September 2007

  • Get our three GUMSHOE releases The Esoterrorists, Fear Itself and Unremitting Horror as a reduced-price bundle. You can get either the print or PDF version.
  • GUMSHOE Unremitting Horror, a crossover book for Fear Itself and The Esoterrorists is now out. For the first time, it is released simultaneously as a PDF and print book
  • Lenny Balsera has completed his Esoterrorists adventure called Profane Miracles
  • Ian Sturrock has completed his new Esoterrorists campaign Little Girl Lost
  • The Trail of Cthulhu first round playtesting has begun