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Hey there. It’s me, Enigmatic Icon, back with answers to questions so timely you hadn’t even thought to ask them yet. Who hewed me from the living rock of my jungle home and imbued me with seemingly immortal life? By what insidious design was I first loosed upon an unsuspecting world? If I am an icon–and I must confess that I am–what inscrutable power am I meant to represent? Should you fear me? How do you get an ebook from the Stone Skin Shop onto your ereader?

Get comfortable, because all this may take quite some time and… Um, you know what, the Pelgrane looks pretty agitated over there, and the last time I ruffled those feathers it took forever to clean up, so maybe I’d better just stick to the script. This time. In brief, then, here’s the latest from Stone Skin Press:

That’ll do for now, but I’ll be back next month with plenty more to share. Rock on, friends.

We sent the 13th Age manuscript to the printer last week. It’s a good feeling. The book looks great. I think you’ll be able to see the quality of Chris Huth’s final layout work for yourself. The magnificent editing job performed by Cal Moore is probably harder to see. Cal spotted innumerable problems and knew exactly which problems were his to solve and which problems were for the designers. We had fun finishing this book. We’ll do it again. For other books, I mean, we’ve done this one enough. One funny aspect of taking a long time to finish a project is that your editor has time to look at things carefully and realize what’s missing. Cal’s advocacy got many small touches added or fixed at the last minute. A couple weeks ago, Cal wrote and said “There really should be more 7th and 9th level rogue powers.”  I’d made up four new powers before I slowed down and realized that the answer had to be no, the time was past. Rob Watkins, the developer, was not going to thank me for slipping powers past him in the shadows of the final days. Chris had already laid out the feats list and […]


by Will Hindmarch Eternal Lies took a while to devise and design and write. It took a long time to assemble and layout and that’s not even done yet. It turned into something. Working on a book this big can be scary. We went through a number of ideas, experimenting with structure and motif and villains, before we refined a couple of the big ideas into what became this campaign. We built on the sterling adventure-design ideas pioneered by Robin D. Laws and Kenneth Hite. We developed plot and story ideas shared with us by Simon Rogers. With one hand on the railing behind us, we leaned out and reached into the dark in search of something frightening. Trail of Cthulhu is a big damn game full of big ideas and we wanted to dramatize some of those ideas and we wanted to strike out into new turf in a few places. We wanted to pay homage both by meeting the demands of the game’s fans and by surprising them in a few ways. Trail’s players and keepers are why this thing exists. We set out to build Eternal Lies because we wanted the game to have the kind of […]

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Round Two of the 13th Age playtest has ended. We’re profoundly grateful to the players and GMs who took the early version of the game out on the road and tested it thoroughly. They provided valuable feedback on everything from the icon relationship mechanics to the monk’s fighting styles to punctuation errors. People are passionate about the game already; as Jonathan Tweet observed, “It looks like Rob and I are onto something.” Now it’s time to get 13th Age out into the world. We’re happy to announce that we will make the game available for pre-order through the Pelgrane Store before the end of the month. As we’ve done with games such as Night’s Black Agents, we’ll make an early edition available in PDF format for pre-order customers. Keep an eye on this website for the date, and follow @13thAge on Twitter and +13th Age on Google+!


The bumper January/February edition of See Page XX is now out. Read about Ashen Stars combat options, improving your scenario writing, constructing and destroying conspiracies in Night’s Black Agents and loads more. Also take our Page XX Poll where we ask your opinion on options for a new GM Screen. We have playtest opportunities, an open call for artists, new releases and updates on Eternal Lies and Razed. Read all about it here.