If you want to stock Pelgrane products, please ask your distributor. You can also email Impressions Game Distribution Services, if you need to find a distributor carrying our line, or if you are a distributor seeking to do so. Impressions supplies all our distributors and through them the retailers. We also sell to retailers through Indie Press Revolution.

If you ever have problems getting hold of our products through distribution, for example, you are told they are out of stock or out of print, email Impressions.

Retailers can supply their customers with free PDFs of our products through the Bits and Mortar program.

Contact Details

Phone (925) 240-0862
eFax (240) 220-8780


Walrus & Carpenter – Australia
Lion Rampant – Canada
Universal West/New Century – Canada
Everest Wholesale – Canada
Arcane Tinmen – Denmark
Enigma – Denmark
Fantastaspielpelit – Finland
Pegasus Spiele GmbH – Germany
Ulisses Spiele GmbH – Germany
Brave New World – Germany
Raven Distribution – Italy
Esdevium Games – UK
ACD Distribution, LLC – USA
Aladdin Distributors, Inc. – USA
Alliance Game Distributors, Inc. – USA
GTS Distribution – USA
Southern Hobby – USA
Warpath Games Distribution – USA

At GenCon 2010 for the first time, we supplied PDFs to all of our convention customers. It was a very popular move.

Similarly, through the Retailer PDF program, retail customers of bricks and mortar stores can supply our ebooks to their customers with the print version where we do. Other publishers do this, too, and it seems silly for every publisher to have a bespoke method for supplying these PDFs.

So, Fred Hicks of Evil Hat and a number of other publishers started chatting about a way of extending this program through a central non-profit organisation, where like-minded retailers and publishers could come together to share PDFs. The result, the Bits and Mortar initiative we announced at GenCon.

Fred has written a simple but effective back end which allows registered retailers to email links to their customers, a better solution, I think, than the Dropbox method Pelgrane Press has been using.

We’ve just about finished the beta phase, and you can expect to see many more publishers listed in a few weeks.


Retailer Support FAQ – Join Our PDF Support Program

Most of the sales of our games are made through quality games retailers. Retailers let us print greater volumes of our books, giving us better quality printing and reach more customers. We sell through major distributors, and we want to help you sell our games. This page tells you want you need to know.bitsandmortarlogosquare

How do retailers buy our games?

We sell through all major games distributors including Indie Press Revolution, Alliance Games DistrbutionLion Rampant, Walrus and Carpenter, WarPath Games Distribution and Esdevium Games. To find your local stockist, see our contact page.

What support do you offer retailers?

To support our retailers, and encourage you to sell and promote our games, we are offering retailers the chance to give their customers copies of the PDFs of our games. We also want you to have the chance to offer pre-orders – giving your customers the PDFs of our games before shipping out the print version. These offers are not open to online discounters.

How does the PDF support program work?

You can get copies of any of our PDFs through the Bits and Mortar program. Bits and Mortar is a collection of like-minded publishers who want retailers to be able to supply PDFs to their customers where the publisher does. It’s free for retailers to join.  Sign up here.

How does it work with pre-orders?

When a customer pre-orders one of our products,  you simply share the PDF with them. Sometimes, we’ll update the PDF on the basis of customer feedback. In general, it will take three months from pre-order to print version, and your customers should be aware of that.

What is the Retailer Playtest Program?

Some of our more major products have long pre-order periods of up to six months. When the game is ready for playtest, we open pre-orders. Pre-orderers can playtest the game and give us feedback. The PDF will be regularly updated.  Any participating playtest group and store will be included in the credits. Eventually the game will be ready for released, and added to our usual pre-order scheme. Currently, only Ashen Stars is planned to be made available like this.

Games available for pre-order

None at present.

Games available for the Retailer Playtest Program

Ashen Stars