A review of five-ENnie-nominated Night’s Black Agents by Charlie White on Intwischa

If you want to feel like a badass, get this book. If you’re sick of Twilight, get this book. If you want compelling player-versus-player that doesn’t ruin campaigns or friendships, get this book.

Hell, if you like roleplaying games, get this book. It thoroughly deserves its spot as a nominee for Best RPG of the Year, and I’m very much looking forward to giving it a try.

A review of The Zalozhniy Quartet by featured reviewer Alexander O on DriveThruRPG. Five out of Five.

Once you’ve settled in to your regularly Night’s Black Agents sessions, I highly recommend The Zalozhniy Quartet.

A review from veteran Megan Robertson for the The Zalozhniy Quartet.

The whole campaign captures the feel inherent in the core rulebook excellently with plenty of scope for the characters to grow, develop, struggle as the experienced mercenary spies that they are supposed to be, complete with options presented based on the mode of game you have chosen to run.


Futile Position is revewing ENnie award nominated products, and they check out Lorefinder our Pathfinder/GUMSHOE mash-up here.

Lorefinder adds Pelgrane Press’ Gumshoe investigation rules onto Paizo’s Pathfinder system. Over 40 pages long, Lorefinder thoroughly covers Races, Classes, Spells, and Skills in the Lorefinder system, which provides a framework for your players to perform investigations without dice rolls. It’s a light system, and doesn’t add much weight to the underlying Pathfinder system, but – after reading Lorefinder – I find it preferable to the default system.


Kafka has reviewed Terra Nova over on RPGNet. Read the full review here.

Pelgrane represents a certain maturity of the RPG industry to tackle deeper and darker themes whilst maintaining enjoyment and good, crisp writing. Their editor does a fine job at eliminating bugs and problems. The art is once again at an incredible level that it sets a standard that other companies ought to emulate.

Matthew Pook reviews Invasive Procedures:

As a one-shot horror adventure, Invasive Procedures is a close, claustrophobic, and challenging affair.

Kakfa reviews the Trail of Cthulhu adventure Hell Fire by Adam Gauntlett. (8/10)

…in the hands of a skilled Keeper this adventure would be truly fantastic.

A review of the REDACTED edition of Night’s Black Agents on

It is worth mentioning how much fun this book is to read. There are in jokes, sidebar commentary and examples from playtesting scattered throughout. The materials a pleasure- especially when you come to the sections on conspiracy building, running in European cities, and gamemastering GUMSHOE in general. It offers a number of really great ideas for running any kind of modern game: investigation, conspiracy and/or supernatural. I’d recommend it as a sourcebook for that alone.



A review of Stunning Eldritch Tales on rpggeek by Simon Crowe.

…for anyone looking for investigations to use in a long running campaign I’d recommend picking this up.

Three five-star reviews on, including Megan Robertson’s who says:

Four cracking adventures, utilising the Gumshoe system to the full as well as exploring the Cthulhu Mythos with a sure touch

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