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    Right then!

    So after hammering the Fury together as an alternate version of the Barbarian, here's my alternate take on a fighter type - the Vanguard.

    This one came about mainly because, while I think the fighter class's flexible melee attacks are nifty, they don't offer quite so much proactive choice in battle as I might like; you're at the mercy of your dice rolls, which does represent the swirling mayhem and suddenly-appearing opportunities of a combat but is missing a certain level of resource management and tactical decision that I like. The vanguard is slightly more complex as a result; you have to think about when and where you're going to spend your Resolve.

    Additionally, the vanguard is also kinda a fighter/warlord hybrid - you can build a vanguard around healing and buffing other members of your group. It's not as extensive as a true warlord-type might be (and presumably will be, in the case of the 13 True Ways battle captain) but it's still pretty potent in the role. So if you want non-magical healing, the vanguard can do the job.

    Tthe class in its first draft can be found here. All feedback, criticisms and ideas welcome.